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 Lather Rinse Repeat is written, edited and doodled on by Michaela Williams.

I also blog for Cosmopolitan Australia's website under the Lather Rinse Repeat name for the Cosmo Collective.

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This is a PR-friendly blog, and I love hearing about new products, as so many of my favourites were introduced to me by PR friends, feel free to add me to your mailing lists.

Mail dets given on request, especially to Paul Rudd and fluffy puppies willing to squeeze themselves into a post satchel. I also have a media kit available for those who ask (nicely, and who use my name, not that awful, generic "Dear Blogger" intro).

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  1. Hi Michaela, I have just started a new business, offering decanted perfume sample sizes in 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml & 10ml. I am based in Western Australia and I have about 300 perfumes in stock at present. My website is It would be great if you could come in and have a look around. Perhaps give me some helpful feedback. Regards, Melissa


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