About Lather Rinse Repeat

HI! I'm Michaela (nope, not Michael, or Michelle!), a flighty foundation fiend, highlighter harlot and mascara addict (fuck you alliteration), I'm always trying out the newest, best and brightest lotions, powders and goos for my own vain satisfaction.

I get overly excited by new products, and am rendered defenseless by tarty mascaras and hair gloop, flashing their pretty packaging at me, and wiggling promises of shinier, brighter, better-er.

I buy things myself to review based on my skin's needs and cosmetic preferences. I also get sent products by brands sometimes and I write about those with just as much honesty.

When I grow up, I want to be like Lucille Bluth, with a hint of Flava Flav.

What can you expect from Lather Rinse Repeat?
Beauty blogging without the bullshit. Think honest reviews, selfies untouched by Photoshop or filters, and a good dose of humour, because, honestly, who wants to read a rehash of a press release?

Also, I love cake. ERMAHGERD KERK!!!


  1. hey Michaela... hope that is you real name
    i think you pretty cool, with all the funy and cool things that you do to you..
    awessssoooome ha!
    shame you so far....

  2. Who doesn't want to be Lucille Bluth when they grow up?! I've been watching season one all day.

    1. I've been practicing my morning drinking especially!

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  4. hey,
    love your blog!!

  5. hahaha! you are a funny chic! Bumped across ur page through Sorbet soild shampoo! I love their bars too.
    Loving your writing style.. :) Nishu xo

  6. I just found you through a twitter recommendation. Im so exited to follow your every post shit your so real i love it!
    Dani xo


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