SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE | My favourite bedtime scents

12:00 AM

When you've got as many perfumes hoarded away as I do wearing just one a day seems a little too simplistic. That's why I always use a fragrance before bed, either on pulse points or sprayed over the bed to settle on sheets. Honestly, there is nothing better than crisp fresh sheets, a silky negligee and a gorgeous fragrance at bedtime. 

I swear I'm not just being a crazy perfume lady (although I also will not deny it). Studies say that scent association can trigger feelings of relaxation, making a deep sleep quicker to achieve. Using the same scent before bed reminds your sensory HQ that it’s time to relax, lulling you into beauty sleep ASAP!

Here are some of my best slumber scents!

sleepy scents

Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Prunier (AED250 // A$90) – My very first sleep scent, this EDT's sweet almond notes and sugared plum blossoms made me dream of French bakeries and marzipan. It's also the reason why I dozed off at my desk while eating an almond croissant the other morning.
Biotherm Eau Oceane (AED140 // A$49) – Summer's warm nights demand not only a no-quilt, fan-on-full-blast policy, but a light aquatic scent to keep the mood cool. The watery fruits, lemon wedges and algae notes are best sprayed over clean sheets before diving in.
Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender (AED55 // A$19) – A gentle musky lavender that's relaxing, but like most Elizabeth Arden scents still has a hint of your slightly unhinged aunt in her mid-70s who likes to take out her teeth after a few shandies at the family reunion. Or maybe that's just my family.
Kiehl's Aromatic Blends Vanilla and Cedarwood (AED210 // A$75) – My winter nap favourite. Cozy wood notes and creamy vanilla wrap around like a cashmere blanket for bourbon-scented boozy dreams. 
Vivienne Westwood Boudoir (AED349 // $125) – Okay, this isn't a sleepy-time scent, more of a rip-off-your-clothes, dirty, sweaty, big old slutty scent. Use this to slooooowly condition your partner in bed adventures to recognise its thick jasmine, tobacco leaves and over-the-top aldehydes (a waxy citrusy scent like snuffed-out candles) as a sexy-time cue, Pavlov's dog style. Spritz while he's brushing his teeth, and lie in wait.

Am I on the weird side for having a night-time perfume? Should I just stick to night cheese?

Or perhaps you prefer another fragrance for bed?

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44 brilliant comments

  1. I'm old-school - lavender oil or Lush Twilight on the pillow. I do have a caramel candle next to the pillow though!

    Sadly I've already conditioned the bf for sexytimes... by breathing. If I'm warm and breathing, that means I'm open to persuasion, apparently -_-

  2. Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

  3. I am a crazy perfume lady too however I prefer to wear scented body lotion to bed! I am very keen to try Kiehl's and Biotherm perfumes now

  4. I do that sometimes, spray perfume on myself before hopping into bed. I love it! It's a great way to enjoy a scent before you fall asleep. I prefer quite sweet and comforting ones as well. The Kiehl's one sounds so nice - I tried a few of their perfumes out the other day (I didn't even know they did fragrances apart from their classic musk) and they were awfully tempting.

  5. Sprays by day, scented lotion by night, my fave is V&R Flowerbomb body lotion, it's silky and smells so lovely but not over powering, perfect for sleepy-nite-nites. I also love JPG classique body lotion & Cool Water Woman.

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  7. BAM.

    I put on a night perfume, and if you do it a handful of nights in a row, you'll smell it and begin to nod off. It's glorious! Mine is currently Haus of Gloi's Ghost Puffs. It helps that the boyfriend is absolutely obsessed it. I smell like a smore, apparently

  8. Night perfume, I haz it ;) Actually I rotate a few: Lush Vanillary, Solstice Scents Nightgown (aptly named yes?) or Violet Mallow, Firebird Almond Milk, and the Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla. All soft-smelling and warm-blanket-type scents - I very rarely go to bed without wearing one of the above. It weirds me out *not* to!

  9. I can't do lavender oil after the Great Oil Spillage of 2002. Maaaaaybe set my pillow alight. Fire pretty.


  11. Oh Lordy, I love Ghost Puffs! I'm waiting until I get to Dubai and putting in another order with HoG :D

  12. Omg, did you tried their Coriander oil? I just rediscovered it and it's the best for layering with white flowers, jasmine, tuberose etc.

  13. I used to wear Flowerbomb when I started dating a new guy, so it just reminds me of sexytimes now ;)

  14. Ah, a sister in sleepy scents! Just looked up Nightgown and Violet Mallow, they sounds very up my alley. Almond Milk is a favourite too, or their Ginger Tea or Vanilla Amber. I could have really added to this list!

  15. Oh yes Ginger Tea! I haven't worn this at night, I'll have to try :) I was going to send you samples of Violet Mallow and Nightgown, but since you're trying to downsize your general stash thought I'd better check with you first! Also, I'm emailing you right now because there are things I want from your blog sale (excitement!).

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