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One of the nice things about Dubai is the availability of beauty products not normally so easily accessible in Australia.

Say, for example, the full range of L'Artisan Parfumeur perfumes, candles and other scented goodies contained within this shop in The Dubai Mall.

 photo perfume-dubai_zps113c240d.jpg
Terrible phone pic, but you get the idea

 photo buy-perfume-dubai_zps8abef9e6.jpg
Plus all these Penhaligon's!

Another nice thing about Dubai? When things are discontinued or given new packaging, they are not shunted back to the brand or manufacturer, or chucked in a back room to gather dust, or nicked by shady employees. They are put on sale at a heavy discount. Like, a real discount, none of this piddly 10% bullshit.

So when I spotted a stack of perfume boxes with a little 'SALE' sign perch atop, you better believe I went in and bought as many perfumes my hot little hands could carry back onto the metro. So out of character for me, I know.

My haul of seven perfumes and a candle included my favourite perfume ever Tea For Two, which I managed to snag two bottles of following its discontinuation just before I left Australia, one an unlidded tester bottle from the supplier's PR, the other the very last bottle in Elizabeth St David Jones, for an eye-watering A$190. The most I've spent on a single bottle, especially for one that had spent the last God knows how long sweltering under the shop's bright lights.

I snapped up my 100ml bottles of the coveted Tea For Two and Mimosa Pour Moi (how could I not want a fragrance with that name!) in Dubai for a mere Dhs150, which converts to about A$50. The tomato plant candle was a teeny Dhs70 (A$25ish), as were the 50ml perfumes below.

The Pour Un Été, Poivre Piquant, Coeur De Vetiver Sacre, Fleur De Liane and Passage D'Enfer were all nabbed for a song, just because they have been discontinued or the packaging is being revamped - something LAP does quite often.

The ever-changing packaging of course meant that my bottles didn't quite match up, but who cares when the juice is that good!

This OTT haul takes my LAP count up to eleven full size bottles, making up just under half of my perfume collection. I guess this is the part where I shamefully confess that although I culled my perfume collection down to five full size bottles to take over to the Middle East, three months later I somehow have somehow have 28 full sizes and a handful of samples sitting in my cupboard. Not even sorry.


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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite NigellaMarch 10, 2014 at 11:24 PM

    I bet you don't miss the Australian sales! I remember the first time I shopped overseas during a sale. That was a proper sale and made the whole process worth it. I love this brand and have a few of their perfumes. Can't wait to read more about your Dubai adventures!

  2. The sales here are absolute madness - it's enough to make me a mall shopping kinda gal!
    Good taste in fragrance ;)


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