Robots That Appreciate Your Face - featuring Tanda Clear+, Clarisonic and PMD Microderm

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Zomg, you guys. Yes, I know I've been away. It's because I've been cheating on the internet with Real Life, and being an adult and having a job and stuff. But my industry is super fun, and I love it, so fear not, it is not as dire as it seems. If you follow my Twitter, or Instagram, you've probably noticed I've taken a full time role at a Middle Eastern women's lifestyle magazine title. I've also been doing a bit of beauty freelance, because, hey they've got real good taste in beauty features here.
I have an awesome (read: HUUUUUUGE) haul from L'Artisan Perfumerie I need to show off to you, and will deffo have that up later this week, but for now, here's something I wrote for Cosmo that got buried. And it involves robots!
Read on to find why spending an evening with a vibrating shaft has never been so productive!
Oh yeah, you saw what I did there.

PMD Personal Microderm Tool Kit ($179.00)
Imagine a stubbly octopus, all eight tentacles a-waving. Now imagine that happy little squid attached to your face, suckering and gently sandpapering your skin to a gloriously smooth surface. That's exactly what the PMD Personal Microderm feels like, albeit described in maybe the most off-putting way ever. Squid-face aside, the suspiciously-shaped electrical tool performs microdermabrasion with aluminium-oxide crystals and suction to coax off tired old skin cells, revealing a long-weekend-at-the spa kind of facade.

Clarisonic Skin Care System Classic Plus ($269.00)
I know what you're thinking! “Oh thanks, Michaela, you want to tell me how to wash my face, like anyone needs help with that.” Well, shush, you do need help, and once you try the Clarisonic or Mia, its cute travel version($149.00), you'll see that this shower-safe brush really makes a difference in softly scrubbing off grungy make-up and pollution build up and clearing out blackheads. Use daily and never look back. Mine is super grotty after three months, so heed the packaging's advice for once and switch the heads out about four times a year.

Tanda Clear+ ($195.00)
Urgh, acne. Whoever said it's a teenage thing was a dirty shameless liar, and obviously with their own deeply ingrained personal issues. Now I'm in the adult world, unseemly breakouts just won't cut the mustard. Luckily, unlike pimply teen Michaela, I have the Tanda Clear+ zit zapper at my disposal. The blue lights calms angry redness and sends back pimples to 2002 (not my best year face-wise).

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  1. That Tanda gadget looks so interesting! Will definitely have to check it out with the explosion of pimples on my chin growing day by day! :(



  2. I've JUST started using the Clarisonic (about 2 weeks ago now), and I'm SUPER impressed with how my skin has reacted! I've pretty much stopped using primer, because my skin is so smooth now :D


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