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10:41 PM

Being in Dubai, it's hard for me to fly back home to catch up with my friends for birthdays (yay, cake!), engagements (actually, there's too many of these happening right now), and weddings (SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS, STOP IT). So what to do when you're away, and want to express your jealousy love to your friends back home, or perhaps even get a gift for your awesome girlfriend who moved away from her rapidly less single friends to Dubai to be with you? Like for Valentine's Day, which happens to be February 14th every year so forgetting it is so not a valid option, seriously, men of the world.

Ahem, anyway. The one gift that is guaranteed to get an email of appreciation? A gorgeous, big ole bunch of roses! Fresh Flowers is your go-to for same-day delivery bouquets. Just give them a quick phone call on 13 37 37 or online order and, POW! your specially selected bouquet will rock up at the recipient's door (or workplace if you want to make every one in their office super jelly, and I know you do).

To test out their service, I had a bunch of roses sent out to my super babe ex-housemate, Shivaun (who you can find over at her new site named after all the good things,  Gin & Liberty). 

The totally lush, flawless roses come in a sweetly chic carton - no tacky cellophane here! - and have extra long stems for ease of display. Don't they look gorgeous?

Just make sure your bestie/sexytime friend doesn't go overboard with the Instagramming. I know they look amazing casually arranged next to your cup of increasingly cooling tea and copy of Oyster, but you get TWO photos max before I start giving some some major side eye.

Hit up Fresh Flowers for your next gift in a pinch sitch, or when you inevitably forget Valentine's Day again (SERIOUSLY, dudes!) and need a quick same day delivery (just order before 1pm!).

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are still my own. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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  1. All I saw was cake.

    Sad, but true.


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  3. Haha, not surprised.

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