Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A cheeky check in from Dubai!

Hello, my darlings! I know it's been an unexplained stretch of radio silence on le blog, especially if you don't follow my social media (SHAME ON YOU), but there's been some seriously major changes in this beauty writer's life. For the uninitiated, I've uprooted from Sydney, my home of four years and sashayed away to the Middle East. I'm now safely in Dubai, getting used to the utter lack of decent coffee (boooo) and gorgeous scenery (yay).

I have a most excellent Christmas gift guide scheduled to go up later this week (because you can never have too many gift guides), so Lather Rinse Repeat is most definitely continuing as a blog, although you'll be more likely to see snippets of UAE beauty content and some travel diaries popped in here and there.

Make sure to follow me on my Instagram if you want a sneak peek at how my new lifestyle is shaping up (hint: it involves lots of shopping).

A squishy-faced beach snap - they build the skyscrapers right down to the sand!


  1. that's so cool! I've always wanted to travel to the middle east!

  2. Gorgeous picture!!

    I can't wait to hear about the beauty and shopping there :)

  3. YAYYYYYYYY! Good to see you ol' squinty selfie!

  4. SO BEAUTIFUL and my god the light looks amazing!

    Oh and before I forget, can you email me an address for you so I can send a lil' something in the post? Christmas is coming!


  5. Check out this Nail Polish Remover Revolution only at 8$ !!


  6. I'll hopefully have an address this weekend - there's no street numbers in Dubai so you have to apply for a PO Box!


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