Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation - review and swatches

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Do you guys remember Red Earth? Adelaide used to have a store on the corner of the Myers Centre in the middle of Rundle Mall. I may have swiftly pocketed a teeny tub of loose glitter from there when I was around 11, then never went in again, terrified that I had been spotted and the staff had a giant print out of my face in the store. My guilty conscience ate away at me so badly, that I ended up filling the little container back up with regular glitter and sneaking it back onto the closest shelf to the door.

My guilt was immediately erased then, but now I kind of feel bad knowing that I may have given someone pink-eye from craft store quality glitter. And I'm still a little concerned that I may have the police show up at my door as soon as I hit 'Publish' on this post, having confessed to my 15 year old crime. I'm not great at this unrepentant criminal thing, am I?

Shoplifting aside, after somewhat disappearing from the Australian market to focus on Asia, Red Earth is back with a slicker, sleeker image and new line of colour cosmetics.

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation

I was sent their 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation in 01 Almost Nude to try out. Firstly, the name. It's like five words too long, and this enrages me. I'm going to call it the 2 Way Compact because like hell I'm typing out that long name every time.

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation

It's a cute little compact, and looks very chic in its all-white matte packaging. Sure, the jumbled hell of lidless lippies that is my make-up bag will totally destroy its pristine prettiness in two seconds, but as a vanity display item it will do nicely.

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation

This compact is intended to be used as a wet or dry foundation, with the instructions for application helpfully reprinted on the pressed powder's little protection gate. It comes with a sponge, which is recommended to be used damp for heavier coverage. 

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation

Applied damp, it's a fairly full coverage with a satin finish. You can then set the foundation with the same product, using a brush for a powder finish. Alternatively, if you're like me and prefer a light to mid amount of coverage, the powder route can be taken and built up for a matte look.

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation

It's a very silky formula to apply, and slips onto skin easily without dragging or holding onto dry patches. 

Red Earth 2 Way Velvety Skin Smooth Compact Foundation
Dry on left, damp on right

Used damp, it does turn out slightly darker than a dry swatch, although neither oxide throughout the day regardless of application method.

Almost Nude is Red Earth's lightest shade, however it has still proven to be a tad too dark for me and my traitorous pale skin. Applied dry, it's passable, but damp is too much of a difference with the foundation leaning orange on my skin. I've actually been using it as a pressed powder on the days I'm wearing fake tan - it matches far better then.

As for my new brush of choice, I've been reaching for this domed powder brush (A$40) from Red Earth's new brush line.

Red Earth Powder Brush

It's super soft and doesn't pull on the skin at all. While I'm not normally one for brush fangirling, this one really is comparable to some of the big names on the market.

Along with their new look, Red Earth also has a website and e-shop, which looks to be the one dependable source for purchasing products as I'm unable to find a stockist list. 

For some reason, the 2 Way Compact isn't listed on their site, and I'll update its RRP once I can confirm! There is also a skin care line teased on the homepage, which will be very interesting to see once launched.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It's also my opinion that shoplifting is very very naughty and this post is in no way a confession of guilt. You can't prove nothing. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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  1. Oh man, Red Earth was my gateway into cosmetics when I was about fifteen. I had this dark green eyeliner that made me feel FANCY. Always did wonder where they went, now I know!

  2. Red Earth was the epitome of fancy make-up for me.


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