NOTD - Saxony x Strange Beautiful | The Blacks in 'Malevich'

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strange beautiful saxony

It's a rare day that you'll find me sporting anything less than lurid on my nails, but this collab set between Strange Beautiful and Saxony was far too disgustingly slick to pass on.

Of the three colour ways released, the 'Malevich' trio is the palest, ranging from white to the prettiest dove grey this side of an actual bird.

saxony nail polish

Because I can't resist an opportunity for a gradient, I teamed these three with two darker shades from Hello Darling and faded to black.

The polish is exceptionally creamy and opaque for such pale shades, and were seamlessly solid after two coats. This is my first foray into Strange Beautiful polishes, and I'm far more inclined to order another of their sets after enjoying this trio.

white grey black nail polish

Fun fact: Malevich was a Russian painter who excelled in geometric abstract art and conked it in 1935. There were 14 children in his family, which is really at least 12 children too many. Thanks Wikipedia!

He painted stuff like this - 

black square

- which probably ignited a thousand conversations between Russian galley-goers about what that black square, like, really projected to them, while some Russian chick's boyfriend who didn't even want to come grumbles in the corner 'I could've painted that' in between spoonfuls of borsch and cabbage.

Nella has all the dets your little heart desires on the other two sets in the collection here.

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14 brilliant comments

  1. Look at you and your moody soviet nails. Thanks for the shout out. xx Nella

  2. In Soviet Russia, polish wears you.

    /never gets old.

  3. The packaging is really nice. Simple but classic :)

  4. Beautiful nails. Its always nice finding inspiration from other bloggers. You have great posts. congratulations.

  5. nice colours! I love greyish polishes for autumn. :)


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