Jurlique Serum Exchange Sydney - How to score a free full size serum

5:26 PM

I normally don't share city-specific events, but this one hosted by Jurlique is so damn nifty, I just had to let you guys in on it. Mostly because it involves my favourite thing ever - free stuff. Not only free, but really truly decent free stuff that I use and love.

From the 3rd (tomorrow!) to the 6th of October, Jurlique will be operating a pop-up store in Sydney Westfield (Pitt St entrance) and running something called the Jurlique Serum Exchange from midday to 6pm each day.

The Jurlique Serum Exchange is a most excellent, commitment free way to try a fancy new Jurlique serum. All you need to do is follow the following steps.

1) Bring in a full sized serum (full or empty, although I'd make frowny faces at anyone throwing away a not totally used up bottle because why would you do that? WHY?)

2) Be one of the first 60 visitors every hour to nab a numbered voucher in exchange for your unloved serum. If you are number 61, that kind of sucks, but you can still wait for the next hour to roll around. Or push in front of number 60. I mean I'm not advocating that type of behaviour, but it's a viable option.


4) Use serum, enjoy lovely skin, rub face on coworkers to demonstrate newly uncovered loveliness. Trust me, they'll love it.*

You'll have a choice of the three serums available in their facial care line - Purely Age Defying (A$89), Herbal Recovery ($75) and Purely White ($80). I've been using Herbal Recovery for like forever, and this jazzed up version has been on rotation since it launched. I find it perfect as a morning serum, as it absorbs super quickly and doesn't leave a film on skin. Purely White is my most recent pick up from Jurlique, and while I'm not sure I could get any whiter, it does a good job of moisturising and I'm hoping to see my skin tone even out over my cheeks as I continue use (have only had it for a week so far, so will give it time!).

Now you know about it, would you hit the Exchange for a freebie serum? Would it be awkward if I just show up every hour, every day? Does the fear of awkwardness cancel out my desire for free stuff? Deep thoughts with Michaela in action here.

*Maybe don't trust me with this kind of thing. My coworkers are probably a lot more cooler than yours.

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7 brilliant comments

  1. If only they had this in Melbourne. :(

  2. Boo for you! I did hear whispers that it may be in other capitals soon though ;)

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