One Direction Our Moment - perfume review and bonus ranking of 1D members

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This may not be a total shock to anyone who knows me in the slightest, but I love me some boy bands. Floppy hair, awkward choreography and the hint of homo-erotism - what's not to love?

One Direction Niall lying on Harry

After fangirling my way through the rise and fall of Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, 5ive and Westlife in the 90s and 00s, how could I not totally fall for their legacy in the form of One Direction?

One Direction Harry Those were the days

Especially Harry. He's totally in love with me, he just doesn't know it yet.

One Direction let me love you

Anyway, as a twelve year old who wallpapered her room in Nick Carter posters, something I would have gone absolutely mental for in the 90s would be a perfume from one of my favourite lad bands. The Spice Girls were almost there with their Impulse spray tie-in with their beyond fabulous feature Spiceworld: The Movie.

Spice Girls Spice World
I was ALWAYS Baby when we played Spice Girls at school

But, now that celebrity-branded scents have exploded in the market the last decade, it seems almost silly for a pop act like 1D not to have one. Enter One Direction's debut fragrance, Our Moment.

One Direction Our Moment perfume
I like the box, because Harry is telling me how much he loves me with his eyes

There's an accompanying adorable ad that follows the "we're just some cheeky lads, innit" dialogue, and full of boyish, nonthreatening hijinks (100% Mum-approved).

One Direction Our Moment perfume ad

Niall 1D gif

Harry Styles perfume

1D perfume

On to the actual scent! Our Moment is a fragrance marketed to the ladies (tweens and teens especially), and the bottle reflects that influence. As in the bottle designers took all the things girls like and stuck them on. Pink! Crowns! Tulle! Diamonds! More pink! Pinker pink!

Our Moment One Direction

As a result, the bottle is kind of a big old hot mess. Not the most understated or elegant of flasks, but hell, 12-year-old Michaela would have displayed the shit out of this bottle on her vanity. 26-year-old Michaela may do the same.

The scent? An uber sweet concoction, which thankfully focuses more on white florals rather than syrupy fruits and baked goods of its celeb peers.

1D perfume

It opens with a sharp, almost artificial berry note and a sparkling grapefruit. In a few minutes this turns to a giant armful of soapy-sweet jasmine, that lasts and lasts, before muting into a pink musk haze. The offical notes are red currant berries, wild berries, pink grapefruit, freesia, jasmine, frangipani, white musk, woods and white patchouli.

It's not an artfully concocted fragrance, but it's pretty and bright, and will sell a billion bottles. I'd be happy to buy a bottle for a younger niece/nephew or friend's child as a gift.

Normally I'll conclude my review here, but I know there's something else you're just dying to know. "Please, Michaela!" I hear you plead from behind your Internet machine. "Won't you please rank One Direction for us, from the worst to best member?"

You're super lucky, because I've done just that, out of the goodness of my own heart, and not because #OneDirection is a deep dark hole o' gifs to fall down.


5) Louis Tomlinson

1D Louis gif

Jesus Christ, Louis, I had to google your last name because I always forget you. Sorry, not sorry.

4) Liam Payne

1D Liam gif

Liam only gets placed above Louis because this gif exists. Just. Thin ice, my boy.

3) Niall Horan

1D Niall gif
Niall is quite possibly my spirit animal. So much expression! A+, would gif again.

2) Zayn Malik

1D Zayn gif

Good grief, his face is remarkably well put together. Too much pretty for one skull. And the poor thing is engaged already?!

Zayn haha no gif

1) Harry Styles

Harry 1D gif

So, so, so frigging cute. 12 year old Michaela approves.

As does 26 year old Michaela (shhhhhh!). That's totally not creepy, right?

cher real woman gif

Right! I knew I liked you for a reason, Cher.

One Direction life size
Creep on, Nella and Michaela, creep on

One Direction Our Moment is available in 50ml/100ml as an exclusive to Myer until 2nd of October, priced from A$59. Upon the wider release date, Priceline will also be stocking a 30ml option from A$49.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that there ain't no shame in a little fangirling. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details. 

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17 brilliant comments

  1. even though I will not spend my money on this product, I loved your review :)

  2. Argh, too many boy bands! How am I meant to fit a ranking of 1D members in my head, along with rankings of 5ive, BSB, *NSync, 98 Degrees and the male members of S Club 7??? I remember why I stopped listening to pop now. At least Placebo made it easy by automatically striking off a member (correct order circa 2002: BRIAN!!!!!............(steve)).

  3. Female members of S Club 7: RACHEL!!! <3 <3 <3 I don't even remember who the rest were.

    (jk, of course I do. Tina, Hannah, Jo, in that order, but like 90 km below Rachel Stevens, you total babe.)

  4. My review loves you back :)

  5. Rachel is the actual best. She even beats out Jo, she's got the flow, which is no easy task.

    Also for All American Rejects - Tyson Ritter's cheekbones are #1, rest of Tyson Ritter is #2. Have no idea who else is in the band because Tyson Ritter.

  6. Ahhhh that first gif! I've actually spent a lot of time ranking the 1D members and you put the creepy one at #2. At least harry is in the right place.

  7. Lovely review, loved all the gifs, haha! Whilst I probably won't purchase this perfume, I'll definitely give it a sniff! I'm not the hugest 1D fan but I can't deny the fact that they are a bunch of very good looking and sweet lads, who make very catchy music!

    x Tashi

  8. It all seems so cheesy but no doubt these wil sell out!!

  9. I laughed and laughed and cried when I saw the bottle has tulle. This Harry Styles thing has been awful for my boyfriend, who has unruly, curly hair and a slight resemblance... and just happens to be a primary school teacher. ):

  10. Oh Lord, he'd get mobbed! Tulle should be compulsory for all perfume bottles from now on...

  11. Like teen hotcakes!

  12. Mmmhmmm yeah that first gif.



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