Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner - review

10:38 AM

I have been making a serious effort to take better care of my hair recently. From conditioning treatments to clarifying rinses, I've been whipping my hair into the very best version of itself.

My favourite product so far in my quest for hair fabulousity? Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner.

Super appropriate name, because this shiz is absolutely fabulous.

While I'm no stranger to blonde toning shampoos, a conditioning treatment is a whole new ballgame, and the first of this type that I've tried. Like the toning shampoos I've previous used, it's a vivid bright purple and is quite a thick formula, more of a masque than a conditioner.

Evo says it's "a colour enhancing conditioner that provides an instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour".

You're directed to use it after shampooing, as you would a regular conditioner. The bottle also instructs to use gloves which isn't necessary at all, and to leave in for three minutes before throughly rinsing.

Being a super light blonde, I spend way too much time trying to keep my hair on the path of the light and righteous, rather than nasty and brassy. While I'm not sure that this conditioner provided "an instant hair colour", it did a hell of a job in knocking out the yellow tones in my hair, returning it to the more pastel pearl blonde I prefer.

As a conditioner, it also does a great job at smoothing my dry hair and giving it that silky, slipping through my fingers feel once dry. I would definitely use this as a decent conditioner, even once you minus the colour controlling properties.

Final results? Shiny, healthy hair, with my blondness knocked up a notch.

Not as blonde as me (on the outside, anyway)? Evo Fabuloso also comes in six different shade formulas to suit you brunettes, redheads and y'all in-between.

Wondering why I'm using Evo's own imagery up the top of this post? Someone with a name starting with "Mich" and ending with "Aela" may have decided to wash her hair at 2am upon her return home and smacked her poor bottle of purple conditioner around. I've now decanted it into an empty tub, but it doesn't make for a pretty photo.

Evo Fabuloso retails for A$35.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that sometimes I secretly wonder what I would look like with, say, red hair, but then I come to my senses and remember blonde is fo shiz the bestest. This post contain affiliate links. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details. 

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15 brilliant comments

  1. Thank youu! I've been trying A LOT of these and none of the shampoos I've tried really worked... I tried a conditioning treatment by Redken, which I love, but it is soo drying - and my hair is pretty dry by itself already. I will definitely give this a shot! :) x

  2. I really need to get on some purple shampoo. My hair is by no means as blonde as yours, but it is still TECHNICALLY considered blonde, and I have a terrible time with the brassies. I'm thinking of finding some blue shampoo, too, to counteract the orange. I can tell by your broke-ass bottle that this stuff is legit purple, not the 'barely lilac' products I've see in store, so I need to try and track it (or something similar) down ASAP!

  3. Def try this. Stick to the recommended time, you really don't need it on any more than the 3 minutes, unlike a lot of other conditioning treatments I've tried.

  4. I would give the Beige shade a look too - I was actually given 2 bottles and gave the Beige to a coworker who has honey-blonde hair, and she loves it.

    And yep, this is super frigging purple!

  5. I love EVO, their branding tickles me. I want to purchase this for my (naturally) blonde mother, whose catchphrase for most of my life has been 'fabuloso'. Too appropriate. (;

  6. Thanks for the info.. Wish I could find a review on the caramel blonde one. I want to know if its too dark or if I should go with the beige for a honey tone.

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