Australis Nail Colour in Indie and Goth Rock - review and swatches

6:30 AM

Australis has been knocking it out of the park recently, making it one of my top drug store brands for on-trend and wallet friendly impulse buys. It's an iconic Aussie brand that was honestly a bit daggy when I started venturing into everything cosmetics a few years ago, but has since done a smart 180 and started whipping out some trés decent products along with some clever branding to hit the hipster chicks and festival fiends right in the wallet.

The latest drop of products ontinue in the same vein - the Rockstar collections smooshes music genres into a range of four nail polishes and four lipsticks, naming each shade after a popular music genre.

Today I've slicked on two different shades of polish, for a mani that unintentionally ended up looking a little bit Elphaba-esque.

Indie is a beautiful aqua-jade creme, slightly more pastel toned that the very similar Orly Green With Envy

Goth Rock is a deeeeeeeeep dark burgundy, which appears black after my regular two coat application.

Both are well-formulated - Indie goes on gorgeously smooth and is opaque in a single swipe, while Goth Rock is a little thinner and takes two thin coats. Wear is about normal for my nails, taking around two days for it start wearing off at the tips.

As for the names, do you think they suit? I'd mix a little grey into Indie to give it a touch of quirkiness, and dump some fine black-purple shimmer into Goth Rock to amp up the darkness.

There's so much crossover in musical genres, that I'm not even sure what can be classified as Indie and Goth Rock anymore - not that Goth Rock was ever something on my radar! What I would have previously considered Indie, something that isn't mainstream, with (the appearance of) minimal production and a offbeat vibe, now pretty much describes everything on the radio. It's tricky to tell apart TripleJ and Nova now that the doofheads have gotten amongst the Hottest 100. This is getting all a bit Get Off My Lawn, so here's what I think Indie and Goth Rock are. Agree/disagree? Yell at me in the comments!


Australis Nail Colours retail for A$7.95 each.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that I would have totally ended up buying these at Priceline anyway because that place is a bad influence, and I'm easily led. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details. 

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15 brilliant comments

  1. LOVE these polishes! I really love their new collection - managed to pick up the lippies already! I totally agree with you on the music scene... I seriously don't bother trying to label anything anymore!

  2. I've got the lippies too - hopefully they are as good as the polishes ;)

  3. Awesome nail colors. love also read this review. :)

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