Lush #crueltyfreekisses for International Kissing Day

10:39 AM

Even though I'm feeling a bit #foreveralone after the The Great Boyfriend Departure of 2013, I'm still happy to throw my support behind that most coupled up of activities - kissing!


Lush is combining one of my most favourite activities - kissing - with one of my favourite causes - animal rights. The brand is raising awareness of their no animal testing mantra by holding a Guinness World Record attempt for most lip prints collected in 12 consecutive hours, in honour of International Kissing Day on Saturday 6th of July. The current record stands at 22,174 so that's a lot of smooching!

Got a spare moment this Saturday? Pucker up and pop into your nearest Lush store to pay lip service with their cruelty free products. Staff will show you how to prep your lips with Lip Scrub (the Popcorn one is beyond) and a layer of Lip Balm, before using an Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lips (the range is now celebrating their first birthday - I reviewed some of the products here) to leave your mark on their cruelty-free record attempt.

Hell, there may even be some male models around to help you out!

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14 brilliant comments

  1. teganiasthoughtsJuly 5, 2013 at 11:48 AM

    I <3 your face. I also <3 Paul Rudd, and him kissing things.

  2. (Just came across your blog through My Funny Valentine's links)
    Oh man. I am in the same place as you right now -- I'm in New Zealand finishing up my studies while my boyfriend has just moved to the UK. Woe. Those gifs are giving me Feelings (TM). I might have to go look up the Paul Rudd/Fred Armisen skit to cheer me up :D Looks like I've missed the Lush campaign though, but it's about time I paid them a visit!

  3. Ahh, another member of Team All The Feels! Welcome to the sad side :(

  4. I'm assuming my face is the most <3 ed thing he could be kissing, right? Right?!

  5. Oh my goodness- those gifs! so much Paul Rudd tongue. Looks like you had a great time at Lush :)

  6. I am getting dizzy watching all that kissing over and over again, lol :-) MWAH!


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