De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo in Chocolate - review

6:50 AM

Being blonde, I tend to stick to products intended for the towheaded like toning shampoos and purple conditioners. No matter how good I look in brown, I just don't have the hair colouring to do justice to products made with brunettes in mind.

Which is a shame, because this wig is just beyond natural on me.

So today for I've enlisted my lovely assistant, Alex. The brief -  to road test a brown hair boosting shampoo. And to take photos for me in her shower. Nothing suss. 

De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo is a cleanser and colour treatment in one. The blurb says use will enhance natural or professional colour and will prevent fading.

I love pump bottles, and don't know why more shampoo bottles don't utilise them. Less time spent fumbling in the shower, trying to flick open a flimsy plastic lid, and more time spent standing under that glorious hot water.

Alex, who hasn't used a De Lorenzo product before, says "On first use I noticed that it is quite hard to lather, which you have since told me is because it doesn't contain any SLS (which I now know is a good thing!). I also noticed that as per the bottle it can (will) stain porous surfaces i.e. grout in between the tiles and light coloured towels."

"To combat the lathering issue I came up with a brilliant system of washing my hair with my regular supermarket brand shampoo first to remove all the grease (I have really greasy hair...) and then the De Lorenzo product second. To stop the staining, I decided to be a little less vigourous and enthusiastic with my washing techniques and make sure I wash any accidental sprays off the tiles."

After using the shampoo several times, Alex says "After I dried and styled my hair I noticed a huge difference. It was now lightweight and really shiny. It felt like the shampoo had removed any build-up I had from my regular (SLS and silicones containing) shampoo (thanks Clear...what a sucker for marketing I am!!)" 


"My verdict after using it for 2 months? I love it. My hair is continually shiny, bouncy and lightweight and I notice that it doesn't get greasy as quickly any more. I highly recommend it for any ladies with chocolatey hair :)"

There's fourteen other shades in the Novafusion range, and after seeing Alex's results (her hair is so long and purdy!), I'd be tempted to try the Silver bottle to reduce yellow brassy tones in blondes.

De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care Shampoo retails for A$25.95.

Disclaimer: Product provided by brand. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. This post contain affiliate links. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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15 brilliant comments

  1. Ooooooh her hair IS long and purdy.... Seeing how good it is on a brunette I too am tempted to try the silver one....

  2. I know right, totally covetable hair!

  3. I searched your blog (not extensively tho, sorry) have you reviewed silver/violet shampoos before?

  4. Not as yet, BUT I've just tried a purple toning conditioner for blondes which I can't recommend more. Review will be up soon, along with the purple shampoo I already use fortnightly.

  5. Lurve this brand! Great for those people with bright red who wish to avoid the weekly slathering of Fudge or Manic Panic to maintain the colour (like yours truly a year ago).
    Plan to get the purple shampoo soon to give my purple/burgundy a boost. And the conditioner smells super lovely too!

  6. Ah yes, and I suspect weekly use of MP and Fudge aren't fab for your follicles either!

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