Pierre Haddad for Groupon - cut and foils review

11:54 AM

The last time I did a hair cut post was here, when I had a blunt fringe chopped by the lovely Elly.
Since then, I've been carefully maintaining my style and looking after my hair, keeping it looking healthy, happy and major babing.

Lol jokes, I've let it run rampant and wild much like some of my other hair-inclined areas because winter is coming and I'm too poor for a new coat like a good feminist. As you can see in my photo above, there's some grubby looking roots, and manky ends and that half-grown out fringe flopping its chop everywhere. 

Luckily Groupon had organised for me to road-test a few of their beauty related experiences, with a cut and colour treatment at Pierre Haddad at the top of my list. I've had previous success with Groupon vouchers, mostly for massages and a decent eyebrow threading (who I've returned to since).

Pierre Haddad has a few salons around Sydney, I popped over to the one at the Hilton on Pitt St.

The poppy patterned interior is super cute

When I arrived, Jade the stylist had me sit down while someone else got me set up with a cuppa tea.

I had originally planned to get a full head of colour, for no actual reason other than I still associate foils with this girl from my high school who did off-white stripes of black that would eventually fade to this brassy yellow (actually, I think there was a girl like that at every high school, right?) . But after Jade explained how a half-head of foils will help blend my ashy roots into the lengths, I opted for my first ever foils.

Excited to be graced with robot hair

For the cut I asked for about two inches off the bottom with long layers. My out of control fringe was softened and had some of the weight taken from it before being swept to the side. My hair was then blown out, and smoothed down to finish it off.

I love the final result, with the evened up colour and prettied up part giving me a bit more polish. I even got a few days wear out of the blow-dry, thanks to my beloved dry conditioner. Washing and styling myself is no biggie - it's a cut I can easily control myself and the fringe dries in a mostly downwards direction.

Groupon's Pierre Haddad deal is A$89 for a half head of foils or full head colour, and cut, style and blow-dry.

Disclaimer: Service provided for free, I didn't pay a red cent. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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20 brilliant comments

  1. The colour looks beautiful! What a stunner you are :-)

  2. loved the end result and the fringe looks great

  3. That looks fantastic! ps stop being so pretty.

    pps my legs are like a forest right now. winter ftw.

  4. Oh, you! Thanks ;)

  5. Your hair (and you!) looks gorgeous! Group FTW on that one!

    Ps what choo wearing on your lips in the last pic?

  6. Thanks!
    I'm wearing Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple here, and from memory, I think I'd applied it over a stain like Benetint.

  7. WINter is coming, amiright?

  8. Jennifer BullockJune 12, 2013 at 5:10 PM

    You look fabulous!

  9. Thank you, J!

  10. oooh did they put that little pink in/is it a light trick/is it left over from a time long gone. Whatever it is I want it. x

  11. The pink smudge would be from my iPhone photography skills!

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