Ella Baché Radiance C Ampoules - review

9:32 AM

Let's have a wee chat about vitamin C, shall we? I know it's super nifty for me, through deliciously healthy treats like oranges and strawberries and mimosas, but I've never been 100% sold on what it can do for my skin. Ella Baché Paris says that the vitamin C (AKA L-Ascorbic Acid) contained in their new Radiance C Ampoules product is "a powerful antioxidant that purifies, strengthens and regulates skin's pH, and brightens complexion".

This product is also a little bit special because it comes in two parts that you mix yourself before use - a powder (the Active Vitamin C Concentrate) and a carrier liquid (Brightening Serum). You pour the off-white powder into the liquid, creating a slightly cloudy serum.

Because sometimes I'm a terrible person, I took photos of the product's parts before they were mixed, then promptly lost them. Sooooooo, here's a photo nicked from the Ella Baché website.

Ooooh, so professionally shot! You get three of each of the two bottles per kit, so you can go through the treatment three times.

I do have this picture of the now thoroughly shaken up serum though! It turns a nice yellow-orangey shade once the two components are combined.

This vial is meant to contain enough product for two weeks worth of application, applying every morning and night as your pre-moisturiser treatment. I managed to squeeze (not literally, because that bottle is glass!) out almost three weeks worth, even with using quite generous amounts of product.

I was initially skeptical about seeing any results after just two weeks of testing a skincare product, given that my normal time period is about three-four weeks to make sure I'm truly seeing any results.

However, seeing this serum is intended to be a two week schedule designed to sort out your skin and give it a bit of a boost in a shorter period of time, I began testing it out with an open mind.

It's super runny, so make sure to use the little squirter (I KNOW this has a real word, but this one also works) to drop product directly into your palm, not your fingers, because it will slip and slide through and get a bit messy. The serum does tingle a little for the first few applications, but the sensation doesn't last long.

This is where I get all fawning - this serum is pretty rad. I noticed my cheeks felt smoother after about three days of use, and after a full week? I just glowed!

Glowing just isn't complete without 90s hair

Brightening treatments have always been a bit hit or miss for me, like how can you really measure whether your skin has been 'brightened'? But I did notice a change in texture (smoother, more...delicate?) and in apperence (I looked less my usual Flu-Addled PaleFace, and more like Person Who Exercises Regularly and Enjoys It).

Final thoughts? It's pricey than my regular serums of choice, but definitely paid off for my skin. I'd use for the weeks leading up to a big event for maximum babeness.

Ella Baché Paris Radiance C Ampoules retails from their salons for A$189 for 3x 13ml (serum and 3x 3.6g (concentrate), a six week supply in total.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that an acute or two makes a brand name automatically like 90% fancier. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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  6. Sloth!!!! I'm here for the sloth!!! :) Also this product sounds pretty nifty just a bit on the expensive side for me :)

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  8. Hayzeus. I love me some vitamin C but that price is unreal. It'd have to be something pretty incredible to be worth nearly 200 funbux over a regular high concentration C serum.

  9. It's definitely an aspirational price bracket, and I'm a poor so don't have the means to purchase it myself. Would def go this over an similarly priced Estee Lauder type concoction though.

  10. Hell, I'm just here for the sloth too!

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