Singapore beauty haul!

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I know, I know, it's been at least a month or so since I got back since my quick trip to Singapore. Somewhat related, it's been a least a month since I dropped my suitcase at the base of my bed and purposely ignored every morning I stumbled by it and stubbed my toe.
Finally decided this weekend to crack the case open to look through the few products I did pick up in S'pore. I have to say I was quite disappointed in the products available and the still pretty high prices, especially in Sephora. It wasn't anything like the free-for-all that Hawaii was. Prices are from memory because I'm a chronic dispatcher of receipts and converted to Australian dollars.

From left to right - a blackhead remover which I've lovingly been using on my boyfriend's nose (Gross, but incredibly therapeutic) $3, Sephora Brush Clear Spray $9, Moisture Solution BB SPF30 $8, Biore Black Pore Strips $4. I picked up a few packets of these strips and have all kinds of love for them. They  have one over the white strips with black being the perfect backdrop to best display your pore's grotty offerings.

I haven't opened the BB yet, as I've already got a few on the go, but the shade seemed a pretty good match when I swatched in the store. I only picked up one BB as I do have a lot of foundation type products I haven't used yet, and it was a tricky choice choosing just one from the shelves and shelves at the chemists and supermarkets.

Clockwise from left - Daiso Cherry Body Butter $2, Guardian Acerola Cherry and Thyme Hand Cream $6, Sasatinnie Donuts Hand Lotion and a soap sample forced into my hands walking past a random store. 

That's right, it's a DONUTS scented Hand Lotion. My hands smell like DONUTS.

Moving onto make-up, it's all looking a little orange. I think it's a fairly restained haul, given that there were a few Sephoras around; however the prices seemed ridiculous and much higher than Mecca here. 

From clockwise left, I have L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Princess $12, Etude House Dear My lipstick in $15, Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef $11 (a last minute airport purchase), Lovely Me:Ex Blusher $2.50, Silkygirl Big Eye 2 in 1 Eyeliner in Blue Ice $2 and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous $9 (a back-up and previously reviewed here. Luckily for Australia that Revlon will soon be introducing both this shade and the plum-hued Crush to our line here)

The Etude House lipstick (no idea of the name - I couldn't understand the packaging) isn't as bright as I would have liked, and sheers out rather than being the vibrant creamy orange I was after. I would have liked to hang around in the Etude House store a little longer, but felt really uncomfortable being there - there were three sales staff hovering over me, like standing directly to my back and sides while I moved around the store, and two of them reached out and touched the skin on my face without asking just after I paid while the third took a photo. I get that they thought a six foot tall super white blonde girl was a bit of a novelty, and I had spent to entire trip having my personal space invaded (unwanted touching, sneaky photographs, being PULLED INTO photographs, being handed someone's baby for a photograph, having my hair fondled!) but store staff should be professional enough to back the fuck off.

Shame, they had some cute things, but I just could not with that type of service.

Finally, here's a few products I...borrowed from the bathroom of the last hotel we stayed at (come on, we all do it!). The W Sentosa was a fantastic new hotel to visit, and I was beyond pleased when I saw they also stocked the Bliss range like the rest of the brand group. The Lemon+Sage scent is just perfect to shake you out of that hotel pillow induced sleep coma, and I'm curious to see what the Bliss shampoo and conditioner is like.

AND THERE'S FACE WASH! Seriously, this should be mandatory for any hotel that carries L'Occitane products and up. The mini size is frigging adorable, and these are going to be packed for my next overnighter.

Bonus donut gif that shares my feelings about donuts.

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25 brilliant comments

  1. Nice haul but shocking service! Im originally from Singapore and whie i miss the food and my loved ones, i completely hate the attention my Aussie husband and my kids get. I had a lady pulling my daughter and kiss her on the lips and people asking if my baby is mine because she is so much fairer than me. I just end up really grumpy towards everyone and telling people to f off. I never noticed this when i was growing up but now i realise that there are obviously some personal space issues there. And not to mention girls telling me they want to marry my husband. I hate taking my husband there; the idiot thinks he's Brad Pitt.

  2. omg I love Krispy kremes haha.
    Nice haul!
    I'm from Singapore too. and yeah, the prices aren't THAT much different, I mainly just buy asian cosmetics haha!

  3. It's so nice how different our perspectives are... while you say it's only a little haul this would be huuuge for me! xD I had the black nose strips as well when I lived in Japan but didn't work for me. At all. I just bought some Etude House stuff via Ebay and I'm so curious when it arrives :D It's the same in Japan with the space issues. I could tell 482349320 stories of ways to invade your privacy in a tricky mode.

  4. Priceline has already got Rendezvous and Crush in stock :) saw them on the stand yesterday!

  5. I want the handcream.

    Also, being a tall super white BRUNETTE I got a lot of unwanted attention in Japan. It was creepy. Seriously, Asia, you don't understand.

  6. omg the donut gif
    my life

  7. I know those feels.

  8. Like, I like attention, just not the touching type.

  9. Ooh, really! My local PL must be behind in their shelf stocking.

  10. I think I feel it's a small haul because I bought everything over the space of a week - no big splurges either, all cheap products.
    What did you order from EH? There were some skin products I was pretty curious about.

  11. I figured when in Rome etc etc!

  12. My boyfriend actually got a little jealous because I was getting all the attention lol. When people were taking my photo, he'd try to sneak into the shot!
    That's gross that someone touched your baby, how rude!

  13. Now I am hungry and want doughnuts..

  14. OMG How rude! I went back to Singapore late last year with my bf and haven't had any issues... :-s

    P.S. Great haul Michaela! Looking forward to going to Singapore in less than a week to pick up new stuff!

  15. Great post! Haha, Donut hand lotion?! That sound so awesome, but wouldn't you get a constant overwhelming feeling to eat your hands? I know I would.

  16. I haven't had them in the longest time and feel so sorry for neglecting their yeasty embrace.

  17. Hope you get some more stuff - are you planning to hit up Asian cosmetics or Sephora?

  18. I'm just tempted to give myself a cavier mani so they look like sprinkles!

  19. Miss Dustyn RumbleMay 1, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    Just went and bought those black pore strips off of evil Bay now. Thanks <3

  20. Love this product. I hear about it from another very useful site skin lightening. Keep up the good work.


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