Rodial Bum Lift - the briefest of reviews

1:33 PM

So I picked up this....bum cream a little while ago from a sale at work. 

You massage it into your butt and other saggy bits to "firm, life and sculpt".

It seems to be a basic body lotion and absorbs like one - no tingling or burning like similar creams I've tried (and yes, I've tried multiple firming creams. You shut up now).

I've been trying this product for a few weeks now, and while my arse is as magnificent as ever, there's been no change to the firmness or lift, not that I'm too sure how exactly I would be able to police any changes.

None of that matters anyway, seeing I just wanted an opportunity to post a gif dance party.


Please, like you expected an ounce of maturity from me. CW for twerking it like the rent's due tomorrow!

Mmmm. Well, I'll be in my bunk! *shimmies off*

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22 brilliant comments

  1. LOL that's a lot of bum dances!!

  2. Haha I love it, made me laugh so much!!

    Kayte @

  3. Bringing the Sunday night LOLs! Love your work :)

  4. Your use of gifs is magnificent as always.

  5. That may be your GIFiest post, ever. YAY. x

  6. This is the edited version too. So.Many.Gifs.

  7. Why thank you.

  8. I have many more of these too!

  9. LOL love the gifs!

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