OCC Lip Tar in Stalker - review and swatch

3:55 PM

Lip Tars! I know you love them, I know you most likely own several and are doing an eyebrow wiggle at me right now for admitting this is the first one I've tried. Stop wiggling at me!

When I grabbed this Lip Tar at IMATS last year, I was actually looking for NSFW, a "true, balanced red", but as the Scotty's Make-up and Beauty stall was all out, I had to instead settle for Stalker and its "pin-up blue based red".

Natural light

A thick, gooey formula, you only need the teeniest bit for full opacity as it spreads evenly and smoothly and sinks into the skin.

With flash

The pic above is my very first attempt at applying a Lip Tar, and I know, it's very messy! I don't normally use a lip brush, being a straight outta the tube kinda gal myself, so found even manoeuvring and flicking the brush around tricky enough. Definitely didn't keep within the lines, or even near the lines here. In fact, I don't think the lines even factored into my application technique whatsoever. Oh well *Kanye shrug*.

Application struggles aside, this is an intense, rich, highly pigmented colour. And, yes, I did feel a bit pin-up gal wearing it, especially as it does that fab thing blue-bases do where your teeth look super blindingly white when they may not actually be that pearly. AND YOU GUISE! THE LASTING POWER! I wore this for around seven hours without touching up, through countless cups of tea, breakfast, lunch and second lunch, without it budging. 

I bought this OCC Lip Tar for A$15 at IMATS, and you can find them for A$16 at Scotty's Make-up and Beauty or a bit less here.

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10 brilliant comments

  1. I remember being with you at the Scotty's counter when you convinced me to buy one too... not that I needed much convincing! I've been loving the longevity too.

  2. Ah yes, enabler that I am!

  3. Bernice PhillipsJune 30, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    Stalker was one of my first lip tars as well - I think its my favourite shade now.
    Awesome review :)

  4. Twinsies! I STILL need to get my paws on NSFW though.


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