Blow Dry Bar - review

1:09 PM

I am absolutely terrible, horrible, no good, very bad at blow drying my own hair into an acceptable style. While I've levelled up since I got my ghd Air, I still need help when I want to herd my hair into something approaching a Victoria's Secret swoosh rather than my usual Grug Gets Caught in the Rain helmet of frizz.

Enter Blow Dry Bar. I went by the World Square before a work event to see what they could do to my fluffy hair in under an hour.

I can't even vocalise how unflattering this outfit is, but it's the only photo I took during the blow-dry.
BRB burning this smock of a dress.

After having my scalp washed, conditioned, lightly massaged (this can always go for longer please), I was seated with a flute of bubbles. The stylist whose name I have totally forgotten because I'm actually a terrible person partially dried my hair...

...while I made up my mind about what style I wanted - see above re: terrible person.

I went for loose curls with slight volume (thick hair doesn't need too much help in that department).

After half an hour in the chair, me Instagramming, the stylist....styling, I ended up with exactly the style I'd asked for!

Note that the prom queen curls WILL drop!
I didn't manage to take a non-derpy photo of my front view, but better believe that I felt like this - 

- up until I got to my work event and remembered that my industry is pretty much made up of either retired models or those who were too short to model. Sigh.

Post-event, however, I really got to shine. You see, I'm the queen of making a good blowdry last. Not a extra day, not two. But for almost a working week. And I looked fiiiiiiiiiiine!

Day 2
Day 3 - oh heeeey!

Technically Day 5 - after a night out and ensconced in PJs.

Just a bit of dry shampoo (extra for the fringe) and light finger combing before resetting the curls by twisting around my finger and a quick spritz of shine spray before heading out.

Blow Dry Bar will wash and blow-dry your mop from A$40 and you can find your nearest location here.

Disclaimer: Service provided for consideration by brand. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that mo hair, mo problems. This post contain affiliate links. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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26 brilliant comments

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  2. Love the curls! That's pretty much what I want from my future digital perm, though on me it will look Korean popstar, which is FINE. DAMN FINE.

  3. We just got our first Blow Bar in Berlin too but I didn't go there yet - I'm a pro when it comes to my hair (ITS HOLY.) tehehe :D But I remember when I got my hair done for prom and I felt exactly like in your gif - it's just a different feeling if you style yourself or actually GOT styled.

  4. Jealous, I wish I could handle my own hair that well!

  5. I loooooove k-pop hair, but I have to convince myself it's all extensions, right? RIGHT?!

  6. You look gorgeous! They did an amazing job and you did an amazing job of keeping it looking good for two days xx

  7. Thanks! It turned out really well for the $$.

  8. AMAZING! They did such a fantastic job on your hair and for it to last the whole week! Wow!

  9. Miss Dustyn RumbleMarch 26, 2013 at 2:36 AM

    Just emailed them to book for May when I visit the Gold Coast! :-D Can't wait! I love making the hair last... and then LOVE that first shampoo after you've had the same hair for five days *shifty eyes*...

  10. Ah excellent! Let me know how your appt goes with them.

  11. I think so too, Norlin!

  12. Hmm... I wonder how long the waves would last in my hair. Might have to try this place out!

  13. Wowwww I wish I could make my hairstyles last that long. Do you ever find that the dry shampoo makes your roots feel like straw? Maybe my hair is just too dry to hope that I can stretch styles more than two days... dangggggg

  14. If they use a setting spray, should be right!

  15. Dry shampoo DOES do that to my hair. Buuuuut I've been using dry conditioner to combat that

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