Australis Perfume Sprays in Wild At Heart and Get Your Rocks Off - review

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Thinking back to my primary school days, a lot of things stand out. Hoarding LipSmackers and butterfly clips (I was saving them to wear at my wedding, duh), Goosebumps books, buying TV Hits magazine for the song lyrics and having to dance with other girls at the mandatory ballroom dancing class because I was 6 foot tall at age eleven and my class was down a boy.

A classic bridal look

But the one thing that surely shaped me as the productive, upstanding member of society I am today is Australis body sprays. Holy frick, I lost my shit over those sprays. Waterberry was mostly my groove, but I was also partial to Vanilla Dream if I was feeling particularly sassy after PE. School camps were basically a three day long huffing session, and at Brownies, we learnt how to turn them into flamethrowers. We set a lot of things on fire at Brownies actually, Cod bless that slack adult supervision of fifteen red cordial fuelled tween girls.

Once I hit school, I moved onto the (in my eyes anyway) more sophisticated Body Shop Musk Oil and Revlon's Charlie. Even though I'm now officially a fancy fragrance wearing lady, Australis' sprays have always held a spot in my shrivelled little heart.

Given our shared history, I was thrilled to receive Australis' new additions to the line. Wild at Heart and Get Your Rocks Off (hello slightly scandalous name!) have been given a 'rock-chick' kind of branding, with Australis launching them with a music festival vibe, although it reminds me more of Avril Lavigne than Janis Joplin with its very pink packaging and sweet scents.

"Packed with punchy fruits, flirty florals and touches of lily, violet and mint" Wild At Heart is a fruity-floral that leans more to the fresh aquatic side of scents. It's sweet, with waterery floral notes and a light tropical fruits base and has a strong resemblance to Ralph Lauren's Ralph.

"Boasting a combination of beautiful berry, crazy coconut, mad mango and awesome apricot", Get Your Rocks Off is uber sweet and some straight-up Fruit. I get a mixed berry scent, the tanning lotionesque coconut and a fuzzy musk which may be the apricot. There's also a strong lilac note throughout.

While I wouldn't wear either these personally given my strong adversion to fruity-florals (see my post for Cosmo on the acceptable ones), these would be the perfect intro to scent for the 10-16 year olds, or a nifty perfume refresher if you like fruity notes and wear something with a similar base (think every celebrity scent ever for starters). I find Wild At Heart the more grown-up fragrance, and more appealing, but again that's my personal taste showing.

Australis Perfume Sprays retail for A$4.49.

Disclaimer: Product provided for consideration by brand. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that butterfly clips are totally going to come back in style. They HAVE to. This post contain affiliate links. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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14 brilliant comments

  1. My god you outlined my highschool experience to a tee! I was also a lipsmaker hording, butterfly clip wearing and Waterberry smelling schoolgirl. I actually picked up Waterberry last year for the memories... although I still like the smell I did feel like it was something from my past that should stay in the past. Would totes recommend them for a teenage girl though.

  2. As usual I came for the pic I saw of SMG in my Bloglovin feed. BUTTERFLY CLIPS!!! Oh.. gosh. You completely outlined year 6 for me. Except I was more partial to Impulse's Vanilla Essence (as was the rage), and at year 6 camp we learned that if you spray them on a part of your body for a continuous period of time, it gives you a blister. Yep. We were AWESOME.
    Also, pretty sure these would make a kickarse gift for my niece.

  3. Your niece would love them, they're a nice gateway scent.

    BRB, going to give myself a blister.

  4. I saw Waterberry in Priceline and was tempted to pick it up. However if I ever find a can of the LE Spice Girls one, you bet I'll snap it up and wear it everyday.

  5. Was totes a Vanilla Dream girl. Though occasionally veered into Impulse's Incense. That was a happy time...

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