Beauty Blogger's High Coffee at The InterContinental Sydney

7:55 AM

Normally I don't cover blogger events for a few different reasons, because not everyone can attend, sometimes it feels like humble-bragging and because I'm positive my computer is jelly of me hanging out with real live people instead of the interwebs for a change.

However, I'm telling y'all about the recent meet-up, because I organised it! And people came, and it wasn't at all like that recurring dream I have where no-one comes to my birthday party and also I've forgotten to wear clothes. Success!

High on life coffee

We met at The InterContinental Sydney's Cafe Opera for their unique High Coffee service in the private Rotunda Room, and pored over the huge menu (read here). And yes, they bring out every single item listed!

I've tried the High Coffee before for my day job (reviewed here) and was totally blown away by the sheer amount and quality of delicious treats served. I knew that my fellow bloggers are just as invested in jamming pastries into their mouths as I am, and thought High Coffee would be perfect for our next debriefing ("debriefing"). 


There was a mix of new and old faces, all equipped with cameras, phones and #bbhc, and not even my Matt Preston masticating impersonation (I don't even want to say what auto-correct tried to change that to!) could turn us off the multiple courses of sandwiches, pies, cakes, pastries, chocolate crepes, waffles, sorbet omg there's so much food. 

And the coffee! THERE WAS A LOT OF COFFEE! I'm split between the cafe freddo and the espresso martini for my favourite caffeinated beverage as they were both so good.

A note - there is a bit of coffee involved, so some of the girls who are sensitive to caffeine or had already had a few coffees that day were a bit...peppy afterwards.

Recap of caffeine introducing itself to my bloodstream

High Coffee is $55 per person (we received a discount) and in my opinion, the hands down best afternoon set menu in Sydney (and you better believe I know my pastries), for quality, generosity of serves and fanciness factor.

I'll be linking event recaps from the other gals below, check them out for a second opinion and some drool-worthy photos that weren't taken from a shaky iPhone (I really need a camera).
Fashion Fantabulous
The Ladida
Through My Looking Glass

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23 brilliant comments

  1. This looks like it was such a great event! I wish we had more blogging events here in Perth, were a little under the radar and behind on the beauty industry :(

  2. This looks like such fun! Seriously, you and your compulsive food-i-gramming make me so hungry. All the time. I think I may eat my phone one day if you keep posting such deliciousness.
    P.S. That's such a pretty picture of you below the sugar and above the iced beverage!

  3. High tea looks amazing! Wish I was in Sydney!

  4. Thanks again for hosting. I was not prepared for that much coffee and yummy food!

  5. This high coffee looks so lovely, I really want to try High Tea some time too :) The bite sized food looks so cute!

  6. That sounds and looks amazing! Good thing you didn't invite me, it would have totally crushed my diet! (Although I have to admit it looks as if the trip to Sydney would've been worth it :D )

  7. THis is an enviable repast! Lovely pictures and report, thank you for sharing with us who are out here and enjoy your experience vicariously. : D Would love to go to a high tea like this!

  8. Make sure to try it if you're ever in Sydney!

  9. Awwww I only asked Syd people because I didn't think anyone could feel bothered traveling for a meet-up! Will def extend an invitation next time.

  10. Very cute, very tasty, very coffee-y.

  11. I warned everyone!

  12. If you ever visit, I'll come to high coffee again with you! ;)

  13. Oh thank you, I like that picture too! I think I'll make it my new DP!

  14. Start your own event!

  15. That gif is waaaaayyy accurate - that combo of a blood sugar roller coaster and a caffeine high was VERY "WTF"?!?! for me, lol!
    Thanks a million for the invite. :-)

  16. Thanks for organising it sweets, it was so much fun. I AM concerned about the fact that I didn't feel at all caffeine affected - maybe I need a caffeine detox...

  17. It was mostly the grappa that got me. Which could mostly be because I had like 6 shots of it.

  18. Oh and the sugar crash. That was awkward.

  19. Baha, I think you, me, Larah and Lara drank ALL the Grappa then, I know I had about 5 shots!

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