Palmer's Cocoa Butter Eventone BB Cream - review and swatches

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I've been using nothing but BB creams recently. The just-right coverage + sunscreen + skin benefits = Michaela face base nirvana. However, aside from trying the Garnier BB earlier this year (didn't review due to the overwhelming meh), most of my experience has been isolated to Asian market BBs and I actually haven't had much experience with Western BB creams. Enter Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream and Jesus Titty Freaking Christ, That's A Long Name.

Can I just call it Eventone BB from now on? That's what I'm calling it, you can't stop me.

First things first - no, this product doesn't smell like Easter egg chocolate (like it's not quite as rich as a hunk o chocolate, but more a thin shell of the good stuff), like most of the other Palmer's range. This gives me a raging sad-on because I love the Palmer's choccie scent and even use their body oil solely so I can envelope myself in the milky scent and pretend I'm actually trapped inside a giant chocolate Easter bunny treat. No, you're weird.

It instead has a "fresh white lily" scent, which is quite strong for a face product and leans towards soapy rather than floral. Thankfully it lasts only a few minutes after application, and may be a blessing in disguise, as I'd do this all day if my face smelt like chocolate.

So perhaps for the best, no? Anyway, the BB Cream comes in two shades, Fair/Light and Medium/Dark. I'm lucky enough with Asian BBs, that although they normally come in one colour, it's always quite light and happens to be just my shade. Like the one time being pale works for me!

The Fair shade is pretty much my shade, while Medium is quite dark - the darkest colour I've seen in a BB cream, although it's easy enough to spread and sheer out with lots of blending out like I've done in the arm swatch. It sets fast, so make sure to work quickly and with warm fingers! 

The formula is quite thick and definitely more of a cream than a lotion. Coverage is similar to a tinted moisturiser, and wouldn't be able to completely camouflage blemishes as well as a mid-weight foundation.

It contains a SPF15+ sunscreen, which is appreciated, but I do tend towards at least a 30+ in my skincare now, especially for day make-up. 

Here I'm wearing the Fair shade (and a low range dose of side-eye). It appears quite dewy on my skin, and while I like this finish, it may be an issue for those expecting a matte finish as is common in products based on mineral pigments.

As for the claim to "target discolouration and spots", 1) I'm not the best judge of this, having a fairly uniform skin tone already, and 2) the blurb is fairly vague on whether it "evens skin tone" by actively working on pigmentation or by covering it up upon application. Mystery!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone BB Cream retails for $9.99, and is exclusive to My Chemist and Chemist Warehouse.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for consideration by Palmer's. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that this is the best licking gif going around. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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