Hello 2013! Here's some things I'm going to do in you!

10:51 AM

- Post more! I dropped off my frequency this last month because of work and attempting to have a social life, but I now know that work should stay at the office, and that having a social life is way overrated. Expect more frequent posts from the braless, pantless and drinking straight from the vino bottle on her couch Michaela.

Pretty much

- Get fit. Like I'm totally going to go for a run today. But I've already had a shower. So tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. I think I deserve a tin of condensed milk as a reward for locking down this commitment. Go me!

- Test my make-up boundaries and really dig into the dark corners of my MU collection. Blue and green should totally be seen. Mushed up together on my eyelids in a glorious loose powder orgy. 

- Grow out my fringe/bangs/forehead sweat collector. I lurve it when I've got a solid hour of hair-wrangling free, but I've come to realise that I'm far too lazy to use a brush be that organised with my hair. 


- Read and comment more on other people's blogs. I recently read some comments saying that a good blogger never reads or comments on other people's content because it's all noise and distraction. Fuck that in the arm! I'm going to read twice as many blogs now, because other blogs are interesting and funny so why would I deprive my blog-hungry brain of that kind of nutrition? MOAR BLOGS!

- Own my feminism, even if I'm going to be branded with that old 'angry feminist' chestnut. Fuck yeah, I'm angry! I really appreciated the reaction I got from this post, even the many sweary and angry emails I received about we live in a post-racism society (AHAHAHAHA!) because it reminded me how many clueless dolts out there will defend their perceived right to be racist, sexist, sizist and all the other-ists forever. And in this country, if you're not openly disagreeing with them, you're enabling this type of ridiculousness through silence. Fuck being that kind of person and a half-assed activist. I have a lot of feelings about this I need to explore.

- Stop drinking so much. Because sometimes wine is not a breakfast food and does not lead to the best decisions. Even if it is one of my two interests.

Ok. Broke this one already. Wine is the ONLY breakfast food. Never leave me, pinot.

What are your New Year's resolutions for 2013? Am I a terrible an awesome blogger for making with the cliche New Year post theme? 

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40 brilliant comments

  1. I need to get fit too! Post-study Demepaux is rather flabby. Let's hope the new year brings less jiggle ;)

  2. At least you have a good excuse for flabbiness! Mine is Pizza Shapes...
    Got a fitness program on the go or just going to wing it?

  3. Lol what? Good bloggers don't read/comment other blogs? That's just silly talk!
    Yes x 10000 to owning your feminism. I have realised in the past year how important and relevant it still is and it makes me so happy when people say "YES I AM A FEMINIST". YES. EVERY ONE SHOULD BE.
    Hope you had a great NYE girly!

  4. Mishelle's Sleepy TimeJanuary 1, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    Haha I read like a million blogs I need to know what's going on with the beauty world! Yep I am with you on the feminism front, it is HARD to be a feminist without being labeled an angry woman! I joined the gym this week so now I have to exercise, woo! Bring on 2012 girl x

  5. Probably the best 2013 post I have read missy!
    I believe you have forgotten the most important part - TOUCH MOAR BASE AND ALWAYS RECIPROCATE WHEN YOUR BASE IS TOUCHED
    wino should be included in your daily diet - ivypool pinot soon?


    And wine totes is my daily diet. Yummo. I'm back in office from the 7th, drinkies around then?

  7. My Google Reader is ridic, I read soooo many blogs. Even the mummy ones ;)
    It sucks how much people dump on feminism. I'm like how could wanting equality be a bad thing?

  8. I must be a terrible blogger then!


  9. Also, i refuse to accept that a Michaela could ever not be a feminist, so yay!

  10. Gianna_MakeupAndMeJanuary 1, 2013 at 5:28 PM

    Oh wow. I love this post so much

  11. So you are like the 905846580 New Year resolution post in my dashboard BUT I did read this one because you are awesomely funny and I always loved and always will love your constant use of memes. I'd say you are the most funny blogger in my dashboard, BAM! What a compliment. Good luck with your resolutions, I have none like every year :D

  12. Awww! Now I have all the nice feels! Too kind!
    Have a 2013 free of guilting yourself into fulfilling resolutions.

  13. Coincidentally this post loves you so much!

  14. This cracks me up! I've been avoiding google reader because holidays give me all kinds of bad feels, but now I feel warmed inside. I love your resolutions. F yeah feminism!!! I can't express how happy that makes me. I am now a die hard reader of your blog. Mine was to get less lazy and exercise more (read: lose weight), but it just seems so annoying and cliché. So in drinking beer and eating ice cream because I'm subversive like that. :)

  15. Wanna resolve to drink more beer then? Annnnnd I just bought a box of Splices iceblocks so I think I'll add icecream to that too.
    Thanks for commenting!

  16. lovely blog!!! amazing giveaway on my blog http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/2013/01/giveaway-sissi-hand.html kiss

  17. Great post!

    I cut a blunt fringe about 10months ago and found it looked great but was SO hard to manage and maintain! I also agree that it is a sweat collector! It took me a while to grow it back and vowed never to cut a fringe again! But then of course I had to get bored and cut a side swept fringe again recently. Lol.

    Good luck with growing it out! Patience is the key! hehe

  18. Nice resolutions, I had a good giggle at this post! You look gorgeous too, love your skin :) One of my resolutions is to get fit too!


  19. Oh thank you! I think getting fit is maybe the most popular resolution, but at least we're in good company ;)

  20. Ha, damn fringe is addictive. I actually trimmed mine Christmas Eve, and it's already hit my lower lashes again, so I think it will grow out pretty quickly. Just have to forget how good it looks when it behaves!

  21. Wow, your hair grows really fast!!! Wish mine did so too!

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