Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers - review and swatches

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When I was in high school, around year 10, I started branching out from my trusty Bonne Bell Lipsmackers collection (call me, Strawberry-Kiwi!) and trying lip products that were less balm, more gloss.

There was a fine balance between wearing something that Mum approved of (no colour, not too shiny) and something that appealed to my tastes (MOTHERFUCKING PINK!), and Covergirl's Wetslicks falling just within those parameters. Plus they smelt like a cartoonish version of fruit, perfect for practising smooches on my inner arm #foreveralone kissing boys, but not pigmented enough for rainbow parties *clutches pearls*.

I've got very fond memories of my Wetslick collection (the most treasured shades were hoarded in my Roxy wetsuit pencil case) and was immediately curious to see how the new and improved Wetslicks would perform, now that I'm now well past high school and still smooching my arm totally sexing grown arse men.

Along with the new packaging, four new scents and colours were launched last month (Caramel Apple, Lychee Splash, Blackberry Splash and Cranberry Splash), making it a total of ten shades in the range. Covergirl also appears to have dropped some of the shades I remember, like Cool Cocoa Mint Splash, Grape Splash and Lemon Splash.

L-R: Berry Splash, Caramel Apple, Papaya Splash, Lychee Splash 

L-R: Watermelon Splash, Raspberry Splash, Strawberry Splash

L-R: Cranberry Splash, Plum Splash, Blackberry Splash

The tube shape and style are the same - a soft, easy to squeeze tapered tube, with a hard plastic applicator and screw on cap. The tubes are adorned with the fruit whose scent and shade they represent, and you can see the gloss colour through the sides and back of the tube.

Natural light - L-R: Berry Splash, Caramel Apple, Papaya Splash, Lychee Splash 

With flash- L-R: Berry Splash, Caramel Apple, Papaya Splash, Lychee Splash 

Natural light - L-R: Watermelon Splash, Raspberry Splash, Strawberry Splash

Natural light - L-R: Cranberry Splash, Plum Splash, Blackberry Splash

Cranberry Splash in natural light

Once on lips, I couldn't discern a huge difference between shades. The darkest on my arm, Cranberry Splash (above), seemed super similar to many of the lighter shades once on my low pigment lips. All have an amount of silvery shimmer, with Caramel Apple, Papaya Splash and Blackberry Splash  appearing the most glittery on me.

The biggest selling point of gloss for lipstick-minded me is the scent. The Fruit Spritzers don't seem to have a distinct smell for each flavour with a few of them really hitting the mark and the remaining shades having a very similar vague fruit smell. Watermelon Splash is one of my favourites, being that Chupa-Chup brand of sweet pink melon, although Lychee Splash smells almost identical. Toffee Apple smells more like white sugar, and Papaya Splash is tropical punch. They all smell nice, although not true to life.

Each gloss lasts around two hours on my lips, which is about right for a slippery shiny gloss. There's no tint left behind, bar a few bits of glitter. Overall just as fun and shiny as I remember the originals to be, with the bonus of being able to wear them over a bright lipstick now if I want (TAKE THAT, MOTHER!).

Covergirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers have a RRP of $9.95 and are available now, although some of the old packaging seems to be floating about at discounters too.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for consideration by Covergirl. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that the Cotton Candy Lipsmacker is also pretty damn good. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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14 brilliant comments

  1. Oooh I've never tried these but I'm a sucker for any lipgloss that smells edible, will have to take a look at them next time i see them in-store, great post :)

  2. It's not as caramelly as i would like though, but still nice and sugary.

  3. Keep an eye out, they have a pretty wide distribution.

  4. Very nice post and interesting to read, I love visiting this blog.

  5. ohh they look amazing! haha very good your mum approved!:)
    love all the pink shades <33

  6. These would make cute gifts for the tweens :)

  7. The pinks are very pretty - just pick your favourite fruit ;)

  8. I would have killed for them as a tween!

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