Chanel Le Vernis in Holiday 617 - review and swatches

9:55 AM

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Summer holidays are so fleeting, right? Like barely grasped snatches of dappled sunlight and salt-swept hair. Or a fart in a glass.

Instead of being on holiday, I'm back at work, at the office, fourteen floors above the much more appealing beaches, gelato and daytime television I could be lapping up. Oh, and naps, of course. God, aren't naps at around 3pm or so just the most fabulous acts of divinity? Yes, please. Gimme all that.

This is the part where I say "well, if I can't be on holiday, at least my nails can! Tee-hee!" Because the Chanel polish I'm wearing is called Holiday. Get it? I'm like a total wordsmith here, carving up relevant intros like the rent's due tomorrow. Fuck, you guys. Rent's due tomorrow.

I'm not feeling the nails on vacay vibe today. Fuck you, nails for being all bright and happy and glistening orange. Why do you get to have fun while I'm at work. Now I have to stare at your delightful squared-off ovals of tangerine colour-blocking as my fingers peck out less carefree work reports and records on my coffee stained keyboard.

You little frivolous bastards.

Chanel Le Vernis in Holiday is A$39. It was their mid-2012 release, so may be harder to find now.

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10 brilliant comments

  1. I just put on Sugar Pink Glossfinity and now I have nail envy. Damn you boring pale pink, why aren't you orange!?

  2. No wonder you are mad that your nails are having so much fun and you have to work, look at them! They are totally partying it up right now!

  3. I didn't buy this shade when I had a chance... all regrets now :(

  4. Oh boo, it is really nice, but I think Temptalia may have some dupes listed?

  5. They're totally pointing it in my face too!



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