ASOS Sale Stila and Pixi Haul

8:19 AM

I KNOW! I have sooooo many cosmetics and products all queued up in my 'to try' pile. Lined up end to end, these beauty goodies would stretch from Neutral Bay, Sydney, all the way to ASOS HQ in the UK (or so clutter-free-freak Boyfriend would like to think).

BUT an ASOS sale is kinda hard to avoid. Especially when you have ASOS set as your home page. And your credit details are Post-It noted to your computer monitor. Due to these absolutely unavoidable factors, I somehow bought a few things a week ago, and they arrived on my doorstep a mere four days later!

The Stila Merry and Bright Palette and Lip Glaze is exclusive to ASOS and set me back a wee A$14.45, compared to its original A$21.25. There's six eye shadows (Chill, Glisten, Joyful, Ebony, Butterscotch, Molasses), a Convertible Color in Lillium and a Lip Glaze in Kitten.

The Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen Duo is another limited edition, containing two shadow pencils in Shell Sheen (champagne glow highlighter) and Brun Beam (cool brown liner and definer). A steal at A$13.60 from A$20.40. The Australian RRP is A$1400 and your first-born or fur baby. 

I also nabbed a squirrel print shirt. Because I want to be twee, dammit.

Now ASOS has whacked off another 10% with the check-out code PERFECT10, this Korres set is looking awfully tempting. Ooh, and what about this POP set! Or also from Stila, their Large Snowflake  with eighteen shadows and twelve cheek colours with bonus mascara for A$34.85 plus 10% off (the palette alone is still A$79 at Mecca!)

BRB, buying all the things!

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9 brilliant comments

  1. Hahaha I so know the feeling ;)
    Nice haul :) Wow 4 days is incredible.

  2. You have me extremely tempted now! But I'm going to try and resist, even though that first Stila palette is so purdy. That Lillium Convertible Color is calling my name...

  3. These look great! The shadow pen duos look so versatile and I love the shades they come in, and the Stila palette is gorgeous! Oops, having your credit details on a post-it note might not be the best think for your bank account hehe :)

  4. Just tried the shadow pens today, and I lurve them, such a good buy. Yep, my CC is hating me right now ;)

  5. ASOS gets it so right with speediness and free shipping. 4 days is amazing!

  6. great purchases hun!! i really love the prices in ASOS when they have big sales, they're such a bargain :)
    that palette from Stila looks amazing, the packaging is very festive and adorable :)


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