Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOTD - Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Red-y Response

Magnetic polishes are going off like a frog in a sock right now, with brands like Nails Inc, Ulta3 and Orly getting in on it quick-smart. 

I had the opportunity to give the new Sally Hansen version a whirl, when the fab Alison from Sally Hansen popped by my office to give us all manis (spoilt, right?).

I picked out the colour Red-y Response to try, which is honestly much more of a purple maroon shade both in the bottle and on nail.

If you've been apathetic about magnetic so far, here's the drill. The polish contains small metal particles, that you apply as normal in two coats. While the second coat is still wet, pull the magnet concealed in the lid over the nail to attract the filings, creating a wave pattern. Make sure not to knock your nail with the lid!

Alison Magnetoed the tricky bits for me, so I can't give you an honest opinion of how easy it is to achieve a uniform pattern yet. However, I noticed the magnet is smaller than my nail and she had to curve it around to the side to make sure all areas were attracted.

I really dug the effect once finished, the colour has a lovely tone to it and had a fab glossy finish. It did wear very quickly on my, flaking off on the tips after two days.

Alison says the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors will be available in Australia mid-September. They are already on shelf in the US, because this guys get all the cool stuff first.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Six Questions with The Mummy Chronicles

Hello chums!

I've answered a few questions (six, actually) for Victoria over on The Mummy Chronicles. Pop over here for a disturbing look into the mind of a cold-blooded beauty addict.

Or stay here, and watch a video of me unwrapping a Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain with my massive hands. Deep, thought-provoking stuff. Compelling and rich.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hawaii haul - part 4 - lips!

ERMAHGERD WHY DID I BUY SO MUCH STUFF?! It's driving me a little mad because I haven't been able to try my lip products until now, as I wanted to keep them all nice and virginal for my video. 

Until I smooshed them all on my face, that is.

What? There's something on my face?

Watch below for a massive lippy haul!

ETA: Some people have reported that the sound starts off fine, then becomes out of sync. It did it just now for me too, so will look into it!

Here's a photo of the products featured. Seems like I have a bit of a thing for lip crayons and markers right now!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reader poll! Fashion or pop culture? SURVEY NOW CLOSED

*EDIT* Survey is now closed, a HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to take it. Also, to whoever asked, a Tumblr on boobs isn't on the cards. Yet.

Hello, gentle reader!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I have recently started Tumblr-ing under Broke-Arse Style. However, I'm not sure if my heart is 100% in it yet, as Tumblr is so very quick and snappy, and I'm someone who likes to bang on forever. I'm also not sure if we need more fashion blogs. However we always need more gifs.

So I'm opening up to you guys, who I trust very much in this type of thing, and asking what should my Tumblr focus on? Fashion on the cheap, or my other passion, making fun and gifs of people on TV. 

Nelly knows how I feel

Let me know what you think by voting below, leaving a comment, tweeting or emailing me. Guide me, Interwebs!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hawaii haul - part three - face

Blah, blah, blah, third installment of the supreme level of haulage achieved in Hawaii, you know the drill. This one is shorter and shows a few face goodies I nabbed.

As always, let me know if you want more info, swatches or a review on any of the products shown here.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

NOTD - Island Girl Waikiki Color - review and swatches

 It's still not quite Spring-ready here in overcast, windy Sydney, so I've been looking for a little pick-me-up. I thought I'd found the perfect cure in one of the nifty bits and pieces I'd picked up from my recent holiday to Hawaii, this traffic cone, safety jacket fluro orange nail polish called Waikiki Color from Island Girl. 

I was looking for a photo of a safety jacket to compare the colour to, and found this. Obviously I couldn't not share, right? 

Accuracy and honesty in reporting, right here.

Anyway it's an ultra bright shade, although a bit more orange than your typical safety jacket that is worn by a shirtless lusty lady.

While I love the colour, the formula kind of sucks. It's streaky, thick and lies uneven, and for some terrible reason, dries matte. I've slicked a top coat over as I do prefer a shiny finish, especially when I need to mask the pretty awful job I did painting these.

I've bought a few more things from Island Girl, so I'm crossing my cuticles in hope that they turn out a little nicer on, because the colours are just gorgeous.

Island Girl nail polishes are US$2.99 each and you can find them in ABC stores in Hawaii and selected salons in Las Vegas.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Australis 10 HR Wear Pencil - review and swatches

Sure I've just spent a Kardshian's buttload in the US, and sure my various cupboards, drawers and unused oven are groaning with sealed lotions and lippies still to review and vlog. But Priceline is a cruel mistress, and never misses an opportunity to lure me in with her sweet siren song. Case in point: walked in the other day to buy Swisspers. Left 40 minutes later with Swisspers, Priceline-branded cotton pads, Q-tips and wipes, two containers of fish oil supplements, another rose hip oil and these little pencils of joy from Australis.

Newly released, Australis says their 10 HR Wear Pencil "applies like a liquid eyeliner and doesn't budge all day". Being an eyeliner newbie (going to high school in Adelaide tends to scare you off - way too many Taylor Momson clones!), I'm super interested in this lasting all day claim. The less touch-ups, the better!

I snagged all three, in Bombastic Bronze, Grape Cake and Aqua Attack (which kind of sounds like one of Squirtle's moves).

Guess who spent the last hour looking at Pokemon gifs?
Certainly not a blogger with nothing better to do! #foreveralone

CHECK OUT THAT INTENSITY! One swipe is all you need with these babies. They apply very smoothly, with no pulling and tugging around that sensitive eye area. As for the 10 hour claim? These swatches would not wash off until I broke out the heavy duty remover and lasted on my eyes the entire day.

Below is a look using Aqua Attack along my bottom lash line. Once I master a non-wonky upper lash line and tight lining (they're HARD!), I pinky-promise I'll try these on those trickier areas too.

The blue is definitely my favourite shade, it's super vivid and gives a playfulness to a regular look. I'd love to see this on someone with brown eyes for that gorgeous contrast. 

A close up

Here's Bombastic Bronze in action on the lower lash line again. I find it really shines in pulling together a casual weekend look - not as harsh as a black kohl, or attention seeking as the blue. 

I swear I don't have crazy chapped lips here - my Nivea Pearl n Shine does not like to be photographed!

These are very soft pencils, with a rounded tip rather than sharp point. I'd be very careful sharpening these, and would even throw them in the freezer to harden them up. I managed to snap the purple one's tip off just by pulling the plastic lid off at a slight angle, before I'd even swatched it.

There may have been tears.

And Adele. There's always Adele.

Australis 10 HR Wear Pencils have a RRP of A$9.95 and are widely available across Australia, including the time-suck vortex known as Priceline.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Passion - review and swatch

To be honest, I've never tried a Jane Iredale product before. Never tried one, never even thought about it based purely on packaging. The matte-ish gold, the light plastic, the curly script - it's somehow all a bit too grandma for my tastes. Seeing my tastes include talking back to the tv watching Q&A with a nice cup of tea, and cutting out magazine pages for my recipes folder says how naff I thought this brand was. 

But somehow, fate intervened and Jane Iredale's Lip Fixation in Passion ended up in my apartment somehow (maybe through a swap, I honestly can't remember) and I gave it a try for the sake of through investigative journalism. And to pass time while the kettle boiled.

A two-ended affair, one side had a 'stain', although I'd consider it more a thin liquid lipstick; the other, a clear gooey gloss. Photo above shows he product post-application, as the cursed clear gloss brush was pointy and unyielding, managing to swipe off half the stain with it.

Stain with gloss on top

Check it. The stain sunk into my lip's lines, and then the gloss made it more noticeable. I really prefer using this without the gloss, as it produces a far more uniform colour that actually stains. The gloss formula was really problematic and seemed to eat away at the red layer beneath. Actually, by this point, it's no longer a red and more like a deep pink. I'm being picky, but I like my lip products to look a similar shade on my lips as they do in the tube.

Overall it's an okay product, but only if you use the two ends separately as they can't seem to co-exist happily. It's a resounding meh from me, and while I've chucked it in my gloss stash, I doubt its a product I'll be reaching for regularly.

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation has a RRP of A$56 and is a vegan, glutan-free product.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hawaii haul - part two - body and fragrance

Another day, another haul video. I'm practically old hat at these now! 

To summarise my Hawaiian holiday, I came, I saw, I trod on a endangered turtle, I shopped. The last bit I'm documenting in blog form, the second to last I believe will be shown on Waikiki Rescue: Dumb Tourist Special.

Part one is here, if you missed it the first time or just need a grating baritone to soothe your child to sleep.

Here's a shot of my buys. Yep, just one photo! Now go on, watch my video! Chop chop, darlings.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hawaii haul - part one - eyes and cheeks

So I thought doing a haul post would be easy peasy compared to a regular review. None of that critical thinking and brain-using business, right?

Turns out that buying a whole bunch of products and trying to flaunt them all in a 15 minute YouTube video is close to impossible, especially with my Neanderthal editing skillz, so I've made three four videos instead.

Here's the first, focusing on the eyeshades and eye products I bought as well as blushes. I'm spoilt for choice with review subjects right now, so please let me know if you'd fancy a review on any of the products shown in the video.

If you can't stand listening to my manly voice (some say it's commanding), here's the products below. The Cabana Glama and mascaras will actually be covered in another vid, as I had to edit it out of this one due to my waffling on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm back!

Apologies again for the week and a bit of radio silence, I just don't know how you all managed! Perhaps with copious amounts of cheesecake and non-stop Olympic men's water polo? 

Ain't nothing wrong with that!
I bought so many products, and can't wait to show you them, so look out for the haul post and video I'll have up in the next few days to showcase both my uncontrollable spending habits and abject awkwardness on film. Oh, and I picked up a few goodies to give away to you guys too! 

Catch you in a few!