Saturday, July 21, 2012

On holiday!

Aloha, my fancy fillies!

There will be a short break in posts as, I'm off to Hawaii for about two weeks to look for a certain surf instructor.

I'll still be updating on Twitter and Instagram as @LatherRinseRpt (you can pry social media from my cold, well-moisturised hands), and I hear all the high functioning members of society like my Facebook page. I'm still open to more brilliant shopping suggestions here, especially as I'll be picking up a little something something for a future giveaway!

x Michaela

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lush's Emotional Brilliance collection - swatches and review

Tomorrow, the 21st of July, is my 25th birthday! Exciting, right? Right! And to celebrate this tremendous, global event, Lush is launching their new colour cosmetics range, Emotional Brilliance.

(This may not be true. The birthday bit is, but I may be fibbing about Lush timing a new release to celebrate it. Their loss)

Anyway, birthday schmirthday, the collection has the sweet theory behind it that people are drawn to colours because of how they appeal to your subconscious. All the product names relate to different characteristics.

The line is huge, with thirteen Liquid Lips, two no-smudge Liquid Eyeliners, eleven Cream Eyeliners and six Cream Eyeshadows, with each bottle holding 8g. There is also two Skin Tints and a Face Powder. Phew!

The products are displayed in-store on a super cool colour wheel, where you select the colours you're drawn to, then find out what kind of product they are and what trait they represent.

 I gave the wheel a spin and picked these three colours - Ambition (fire-engine orange red), Glamorous (blue-based fuchsia) which are both Liquid Lips, and the eyeliner Success (silver).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sportsgirl Pout Line Lip Liner in Red - review and swatch

Confession time! Never have I ever used lip liner. Not once. I consider lip liner to be the sole reserve of older church-going women who pair it with faded lip colour and copious pearl clutching.

And our First Lady of Hot Messes, Pammy, of course.

But (and there's always a but), I happened across a Sportsgirl sale which was dropping lip liners for $2.99 which is so cheap, I'm basically saving money by buying one. That's pretty much what I understand with my year 10 Applied Maths knowledge anyway. It's like FREE money!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hair Chalking - a how-to (fail) guide

Last time I got my Color Bug on, I had some smart arses Twitter users point out that it's a lot cheaper to achieve the same pop of colour with the chalking technique. "Michaela, you're wasting your money," you said. "It's much easier using chalk, so easy that even Lauren Conrad can do it," you said.

You  lied! Not only did they cause the Boyfriend to give me some serious side eye when he saw me furiously rubbing chalk into my hair, but it was ridiculously hard to get even a slight tint going. Either the American brand pastels that Conrad used at the above link are softer and easier to use, or I've just been outfoxed by a box of chalk.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray - review

You might have noticed that Toni&Guy have totally redone their at-home hair care line. I'd never tried the range myself, but had spent countless hours restocking those red bottles in my past life as a David Jones retail drone, in-between those loooooong hours walking between the OPI stand and Aesop counters. Total retail zombie.

Anyway, through the new Hair Meet Wardrobe campaign, the styling products have been repackaged and organised into four style collections - Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative.

No surprises that my favourite collection is the casual line (casual's really just code for half-arsed, right?) as casual is pretty much my approach to fashion and beauty, and if it needs ironing or can't be applied with fingers, it can GTFO.

My pick from the range is the Sea Salt Texturising Spray, which combines my love of beachy waves and covering everything in salt. Like hot chips. ZOMG how good are the hot chips with truffle oil and parasen from Charlie & Co.? I ate a massive bowl at Pitt St Westfield the other day, then did that sneaky thing where you run your finger around the inside and lick it to get all that salty goodness. I'm super classy.

Anyway! Sea salt texturising spray! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vaseline Giveaway winners!

The three winners of my Vaseline giveaway, as selected randomly by Rafflecopter are Jasmine Huston, Alice Antonov and Joline Melina. Congrats y'all!

I will be contacting each of you via email for mailing information. A big thanks to everyone else who entered, I loved reading your answers and tips for rubbing the lotion on your/its skin.

Yes, it does....

Friday, July 6, 2012

USA Shopping Wish List - What Should I Get?

In just over two weeks I'll be headed to Hawaii for a very much-needed holiday with the Boyfriend.

He's under the impression our vacation will be a bit like this...

Yeah, it's okay I guess.

...but I'm secretly planning something more resembling this.


Sorry, Boyfriend!

Naturally, I already have a long, long list of things I sell-my-extra-kidney want, but aren't stocked in Australia. Plus goodies like these, which are easy to find in-store, but the RRP offends me so.

Read on for my hit-list!

Guest Post on Beautiful Makeup Search

Just a quick FYI that I've knocked out a guest post on Beautiful Makeup Search. Because it's US-based, I've picked my favourite warm weather multi-tasker to review, keeping in line with their summer temperatures. 

For those expecting gifs, here's something from the saddest tv moment ever (aside from Buffy's 'The Body'). I hope you're happy!

I'll waaaaaaaaait for yooooooooou!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vaseline Body Lotions - Review and Giveaway!

Does anyone else's skin flip the frick out as soon as it changes from a cold autumn to a freezing winter? I'm plagued with scratchy knee, itchy shins, flaky elbows and the area between my thumb and pointer finger (my finger....web?) feels/looks like a flesh-coloured turkey wattle (which until I googled it just then, I had always called a gobble).

I've been rotating between a bunch of different body lotions, butters and mayos creams to combat this whole situation and my latest loves are from Vaseline's range of body products. Vaseline is normally a brand I just associate with white petroleum jelly which I dig as a foot treatment (apply generously to clean dry heels and toes, apply socks and marinate in your own fabulousness overnight. Voila softer feet come morning!) but hadn't thought to try their lotion range yet.

Vaseline sent me three different versions, a light SPF 15+ lotion, a dry skin conditioning lotion and a cocoa butter one, so I was able to rub the lotion on its skin and try them out for myself.

Yes it will, Precious.