Saturday, June 30, 2012

Phyt's White Bio-Active Masque Eclat - review and slight dramatisation

Sit down, guys. Please take a chair. There's something I need to tell you.

It started off so innocently. I was 17 on a sleepover and someone who I called a friend, someone I trusted offered me some of hers. "Sure," I said, naive to the dark world of "masking" I had just opened myself up to.

I thought it was just a bit of fun. After school, with friend, we'd all gather at someone's place and mask up. I became emboldened by my refreshed appreence, the glowing skin and tightened pores. I felt like I could take on anything with my clear complexion and minimal blackheads.

Soon, I couldn't go a week without using a mask. I started to dabble in different kinds of masks. Masques, clay, sheet and seaweed. I tried them all. And I loved it.

Mum, please don't cry. Try this foot mask, it'll really settle your nerves. What? Oh right, sorry.

I started masking alone. After school, you'll find me in the bathroom secretly slathering Dead Sea mud hairline to collarbone. Weekends became a heady blur of dissolved aspirin and honey mixes and warm compresses. My complexion glowed like a Clefairy exposed to a Moon Stone, but I knew skin this good couldn't last forever. A day without my mask hit only made me paranoid of the blackheads and imperfections that teased from beneath the surface of my derma. 

On the eve of my 20th year, I awoke dressed only in a man's stubby shorts and two-thirds of a scuba set, the last week having passed by in a daze of torn sample packets and toning lotions. A half-dissolved bath bomb lingered by my arm and mangled product tubes littered the carpet, fallen heroes in the war against uneven and blemished skin tone. I had hit my rock-bottom.

Over-enthusiastic mask use had made my skin itchy and dry and I swore off them and their ilk until early this year, when their sweet siren songs of refreshed faces encouraged me to treat yo self.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Post: Burt's Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit - review by Marshall from The {Tiny} Times

Today I've got an extra spesh post for you, written by harem pant lover and baby fashion darling, Marshall from The {Tiny} Times. He's kind enough to have tried Burt's Bees Baby Bee travel pack for me as I have no loin-fruit of my own!

Dear Michaela,

Thank you so much for giving me this Burt's Bees Baby Bee gift pack and allowing me to write a guest post on your blog.

I love your blog. I actually don't understand anything you are talking about. But I like cats and moving pictures and Paul Rudd.

So, Baby Bee.

This is what came in the pack: Shampoo and Wash, Lotion, Nappy Ointment, Baby Oil and Soap. Don't they look so nice and shiny?

I took great care in arranging them for the shot. The bottles are small. Not choke-on-them small, but definitely supervise-me-while-I-play-so-I-don't-somehow-get-the-caps-off-and-choke-on-them small. I didn't get the caps off. You need to turn them about three times to do that. TIP: If your baby can do that, don't leave her alone with these bottles.

*Surprise* they all smell a bit like honey. It isn't an overwhelming smell, though, and I quite like it. 

The Burt's Bees Baby Bee products are all listed as "safe, effective, natural, pediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic". I tested "safe" by attempting to drink the wash. I was OK.

*Editor's note: Marshall does not recommend feeding your baby body wash unless they say rude words.

The sizes in this pack are good for samplers but you won't get much milage out of the 20g diaper ointment. It would be good for travelling, though if I was travelling to Europe I'd probably bring two for that flight. I don't like the soap. It is fussy and as it wears down I will probably try and eat it. At least I will be OK if I do...

The wash is my favourite - a little goes a long way and it smells nice. I have been irritated by washes before but this one made my skin feel happy. The real test, however, is the bubble test. What separates a good wash from a GREAT wash is its bubbleocity (that's a word). Based on my experience the Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash makes a mean bubble. And it doesn't hurt my eyes when they pop in my face. 


Final verdict: Invest in a 235mL bottle of the Shampoo and Wash, a bubble machine and a trip to Europe.

xo Marshall

Burt's Bees Getting Started Kit retails for A$24.95.

If you haven't already, you can check out Marshall's kick-ass styling ways here

Seriously, the little dude makes it werrrrrrrk!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lancome Artliner in Vert Chrome - review and swatches

I am terrible with eyeliner. Wobbly-handed, blink-eyed and with a tendency to rub my lids immediately post-application terrible. Paul Rudd doing this anywhere beside in my bed kind of terrible.


So clearly I'm not the best person to be talking to you about eyeliner, right? Right! Sadly, your poor choices in life have now led you to this very review, and now I've got no choice but to rain down some basic eyeliner observations down on y'all.

Soz for the shady as photo - my house is getting zero sun at the moment

So, eyeliner. Some come in tubs, others in mechanical or wooden pencil form. This one by Lancome is in a tube with a bendy foam brush on the top. You give it a bit of a shake and the ball bearing inside mixes it all up.

The stuff inside is a metallic green thin cream with a slight gold shimmer to it. Swatched on my arm, it's quite pigmented and dries quickly, but when lightly rubbed with a finger, it balls up and removes very easily.

God, so here's my effort at an eye look using liner. I've only used it under my lashes, as the lid is not an option for me and my wildly stabbing hands. Hopefully the lower lash line is a totally acceptable lining area and I won't have to hand in my Beauty Blogger membership card for doing it.

You'll notice that there's a noticeable area where the liner has been scraped off. This is because the first line wasn't dark/thick enough and I went over it about 6 seconds later. Bad idea, as it took with it a good amount of product off my original line, despite being a flexible blush used with a light hand. I expect better skin clinginess from such an expensive product.

However, it does slide on very smoothly and doesn't tug or pull at my skin, which I hear is a plus. I do like the metallic green, but think it would suit brown or hazel eyes better than my baby blues. Perhaps the black would be a better colour choice for a first time user like me, but so far I'm not totally sold on repurchasing in another shade.

I picked this up from Strawberrynet for about $35, but it doesn't appear to be in stock right now. Its RRP at Lancome counters is a painful A$51. Yikes!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Swear This Is The Last Millionaire Hotseat Related Post I'll Do! Video Update.

So if you missed seeing me the other night on telly, here's me in all my full awkwardness. Seriously, I think I have some kind of verbal tic where I just talk shit regardless of the scenario.

I've just realised I squish up my face so much when I'm talking, and that my face is really weird looking to begin with. I can't believe I've gone 24 years without anyone telling me about my weird face. Boyfriend never even mentioned the face weirdness to me! Doesn't he look cute by the way?

Anyway, the morning after, I arrived at work to this in my office's general inbox.

I feel....special? And extra door-lockingly.

If you don't have time to watch the video, or have in fact watched it so much you are now one with the video and me scrunching my nose up is forever burned in your psyche, I've kindly made some gifs for you. No, no need to thank me.

A big thank you to Rachel for taping, sending, reformatting and resending the video to me!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Mung Bean - review

I love my face masks. At least once a week I'll slap one on and let the nourishing goodness seep in while ensconced in my dressing gown watching Snog, Marry, Avoid reading Latin texts,

My latest mask is this sheet version from The Face Shop. I've tried a few from here since they are complete steal at $3-$5 and covered in delightful Engrish. 

Today I've picked out the Real Nature Mask in Mung Bean to slap on my skin that's just starting to feel that winter drain. I have zero idea why I chose this particular one out of the apple, peach, milk and other desserty-sounding varieties because mung beans are foul little things with sticky fingers sent to destroy otherwise tasty dishes by being all gross and fermented up in their business.

The cloth mask thankfully didn't have a strong scent, just a light green soy smell. It's fairly easy to plop on, no excess fluid and the cloth was big enough to cover my entire face, even too big on the chin.

After 15 minutes, I rubbed in the excess serum left and chucked my night cream on top. This mask claims brightening and rehydrating properties and while I felt nice and smooth afterwards, there wasn't any obvious brightening benefits. I did get a nice my dose of moisture though and my cheeks especially felt zomg amazing the next morning.

If I can't look pretty, I reserve the right to do duck lips.
Boyfriend just looked over at the photo above while I'm typing this and he can't believe I'm willing to have a picture of myself using a face mask in my (rather fetching) Wonder Woman flannelette pyjamas up on the interwebs forever and ever. I'm never one to shy away from looking physically unattractive, and the truth is that trying to maintain your appearance isn't always attractive. It's not always beautiful or flattering to have a soggy cloth stuck on your face for smooth skin or plastic bags wrapped around your feet. But isn't it intriguing to see how much effort goes on behind the scenes in other people's powder rooms? I'm very nosy and personally love seeing other bloggers show their unmade-up selves and what their routine entails, despite their boyfriend thinks about it.

What do you think? Is less pretty, more gritty okay? Or am I bringing super shame on Boyfriend for my dorkalicious snaps?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh fuck, I'm on Millionaire Hotseat tomorrow night

Just a heads-up for all my Australian readers - I'll be on Millionaire Hotseat tomorrow evening (Wednesday 20/6) at 5:30pm on Channel 9, if you wanted to watch and play along to see if you get as many questions as me right! Recording the episode was a timely reminder of how dorky I can be (plus ZERO filter resulting in word vomit), so I hope the producers had itchy editing fingers!

Here's some screenshots my bestie took when I was an audience member on Q&A (and asked a question that involved memes, the Kardashians AND Rebecca Black!) and she is just wetting herself in anticipation of the goldmine of awful faces I will pull this time around. Oh dear.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hola new blog design! With a bonus creamy Paul Rudd centre.

Hello there! Noticed I had something done yet? A few nips, a bit of a tuck and a brand spanking new masthead made for me by the talented Stephanie Pembroke. There's still a few tweaks to be made, but let me know what you think as this is me trying to be a slighter more appropriate, slightly better-dressed and slightly fancier grown up version of myself. 

Like a hairy, socially awkward caterpillar, Lather Rinse Repeat has emerged from its cocoon as a slightly less hairy socially awkward butterfly with a raging lady-boner for Paul Rudd gifs.

Fuck, I've just been awkward again, haven't I? Welp, it was nice while it lasted.

Paul Rudd party time! Look away now/after the jump if you have no soul.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glamourflage Lip Balms in Mellow May and Daisy Delight - review

I have a confession to make. I only bought these lip balms because I needed to distract myself from eavesdropping on the woman in line ahead of me who was having the most inane conversation on the phone with that breathless gusto only the totally oblivious can muster.

Sample of conversation:

"Nah, nah, I'm at the chemist. Nah, I'm at the chemist. The CHEMIST! Yeah, nah, not for that, it's a, I dunno, a cut in my arse.... Nah, yeah, that. A FISSURE! Yeah, I need an arse cream or some shit. Nah, I'm in the chemist. THE CHEMIST!"


So I was looking for something to distract from the bright spark in front of me and these lip balms from Glamourflage caught my eye from a display (btw Glamourflage, I am so sorry for forever associating your fine name with arse cream. These things happen). I got two, one in Mellow May and another in Daisy Delight.

Mellow May is chocolate scented and Daisy Delight is cherry. The scents are quite strong and artificial, rather than true to life, but I'm not fussed as the chocolate smells like Chicos and the cherry is that sweet medicinal Children's Panadol tang that I'm quite fond of. Coloured in the pots, they both provide a transparent shine when swatched on lips. On the moisture scale, one being my mouth the morning after a bottle of tequila and a bowl of sawdust shavings, 10 being the essence of wetness, these are about a 6.5 as they do the job but wear off after just over a few hours of wear so need to be reapplied regularly.

Not even close to the essence of beauty
I love the pin up gals on these tins - very sweet and sexy - but I dislike using balm in tins because I have very dirty, sticky fingers covered in germs and jam and it's basically inviting microbes to chuck a kickass party in the petri dish of my lip balm every time I smoosh my fingers into it. So not cute.

The main selling point for me is the boobilicious packaging and the total bonus scent that can be achieved when you use both the chocolate and cherry together to make a Cherry Ripe scent. So good.

Glamourflage Lip Balms retail for $10.95 each, at the chemist near my house. If you don't know where that is, you've got some serious stalking to do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NOTD - Darling x Vibe Hotels, Ulta3 and Revlon swatches

Darling for Vibe Hotels in 'Pillow Taupe'

Ulta3 in 'Confetti'

Revlon in 'Belle' (topcoat)

Well, kinda,

The Ulta3 sadly wasn't confetti-y enough, despite being named Confetti, so I needed some Revlon topcoat in Belle to amp up the sparkle. Why did I need glittery nails when the Darling for Vibe Hotels in Pillow Taupe (love the name) was nice enough by itself? I'm sad that you need to ask the question.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Palmolive Naturals Body Butter Body Wash in Luscious Mango and Strawberry Smoother - review

Winter is coming...

Sorry, I lie. Winter is already here and I'm now very upset I can't menacingly whisper this whenever someone tries to make casual conversation with me about the weather.

No, you're weird.

Anyway with winter comes flaky, itchy and altogether unpleasant dry skin. I've had previous success in smacking the scales away by using Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from Lush, but was really excited to try Palmolive Natural's new Body Butter Body Washes as they claim to provide long-lasting moisture and hydration.

Luscious Mango is my pick from the two. It smells like a Boost Juice Mango Magic smoothie and being a total mango fiend, it's honestly a bit of a tease making me think of fresh fruit, sunny days and lying out on the beach with my life-sized Paul Rudd body pillow -  all the regular things that come with mango season

It's just like this, except I'm more flabby and he's more of a body pillow. And there's mangoes.

Friday, June 8, 2012

MAC x Beth Ditto Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Dear Diary - review and swatch

I love me some Beth Ditto. She's brash, bold and a goddess in a tight tube dress. I wish I had her confidence, not only in her own appearance, but in her attitude towards the daily mindfuckery tastemakers like Kaiser Karl dictate to us lady folk. To response to him calling Adele "a little too fat", Beth said:

“First of all, Karl Lagerfeld is not even sane. Second of all, he’s not the end-all, be-all of what he does. He’s really talented, but that doesn’t mean he’s right. Third, Karl Lagerfeld used to be this really fat, eccentric dude. He always had that fat kid fan with him too. To me, only a person who was fat could get away with saying something like that.”

All hail La Ditto!
Not only is Beth widely known as a super-lunged singer, badass proud dyke and all-round awesomesaucer, but she has has partnered up with MAC for a limited edition collection. I picked up one of the Pro Longwear Lipcremes in Dear Diary about a month ago but held off on posting about it until it was actually available. I'm nice like that.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pink, Orange and Purple Ombre Balayage Hair with Kevin Murphy Color Bugs

Uh oh, you guys. It happened again. Except with ALL THE COLOURS! MOAR COLOURS!

Seriously, I have no self control when it comes to these things. I've gotta move them from where I keep all my daily products, because once I see them, it just seems rude not to use them, right?

Oh, hai guys. What's that, you want to be on me? That's a little racy!

First I decided to do pink tips. Then I decided to blend a little orange in above it, just to change it up. Then I saw the purple Color Bug. The poor little buggy sat in my bathroom drawer, pleading silently. "Why haven't you picked me too? Don't you love getting your My Little Pony on? I thought you loved me, Michaela?"

How could I leave him behind? That's just cruel. So on to my hair went the purple, above the pink and orange. And, well, this happened....