TREAT YO SELF! A Christmas gift guide.

1:36 PM

Because the greatest gift of all is the one you buy for someone else and then just end up keeping yourself, right? Right!

Here's some things you should buy with the full intention of wrapping them up and giving away, but that you then accidentally forget to wrap, and maybe it rolls under the bed or something, oh hey look it's mid-Jan now, no-one is expecting a present now, I'll just keep this one. It's okay, we all do it. At least, that's what I tell myself to justify it.

Endota Spa Fresh Faced Pack (A$60)*
I was given the watering can pack by Endota (which I can't seem to find on their website any longer), but I have decided I want this one too too, mainly because of that fig n sugar cleanser is the best smelling thing ever, and it's the most perfect travel size for a few weeks away. Plus, it's not even like you're really buying anything, seeing it's from a salon and not a store. Just slip it onto the counter in a post-massage bliss-out and I swear your credit card won't feel a thing.

Limited Edition Metallic ghd (A$279)
I saw this on Michelle's blog and instantly got a real bad case of the grabby hands for the pretty shiny. My ghd has been going strong since 2004, maybe time for an update? HINT FRICKING HINT, BOYFRIEND.

Weleda Pomegranate Gift Pack (A$29.90)
It includes a Pom hand cream and body wash (the creamy kind), and is on sale at EchoLife, which means you're practically losing money if you don't get it for yourself. Trust me, I passed Maths Application in Year 11, I know my stuff.

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (A$34.95)
I bought this and I've been using this and I'm loving this, but I still haven't reviewed it. Why? Because I'm lazy very busy and important doing grown-up things like my taxes. But I pinky-promise I will get around to sharing my thoughts of this pretty champagne illuminator. And I did cover it here, so that's gotta count for something, right?

Philosophy Great Skin Is In Trial Skin (A$50)*
ERMAHGERD, I love these trial-sized packs when I'm looking for a new skin routine. There's enough product to give your skin the time it needs to chat up its new cleanser, treatment and moisturiser friends, and to decide if they want to take their relationship to the next level. 

Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Dragon (A$115) and Perfumed Shimmer Powder (A$133)
So pretty on my dresser, on my face and when clasped tightly to my bosom. The most hoard-worthy product of the year, and reviewed here.

Somewhat related, but kinda not, but still relevant to our interests - I THINK I WANT A BOYFRIEND PILLOW, YOU GUYS. I still don't have a Paul Rudd body pillow, which is just ridic. I mean, even Google knows we belong together.

Fuck it, I'm just going to go straight for the Paul Rudd crotch pillow. Mmmmpfh. Treating myself right!

Hope y'all have a fab holiday, and that your New Year's Eve is less than terrible (something always goes hideously wrong whenever I try to celebrate it).

Disclaimer: This products marked with an asterisk (*) were sent to me by the brand They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that you should maybe give other people presents too. Maaaaaaybe. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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11 brilliant comments

  1. Oh man if you ever do find a Paul Rudd body pillow let me know, I would happily pay all of the money for one. I watched Clueless yesterday, I hope they make a Paul Rudd in 1995 edition. I would be pretty darn happy.

  2. Clueless Paul Rudd is also my favourite Rudd, although I'm quite partial to Friends Paul Rudd, because if I squint, I can pretend Phoebe is actually me.
    Oops, sorry, I think I let the crazy out a bit there...

  3. Oh man, I feel out of the loop I don't know Paul Rudd, HI Lar I OUs! Just roll him under the bed until mid Jan!

  4. All you need to know about Paul Rudd is riiiiiiight here

  5. I really want that Weleda Pomegranite pack... mmmm fruity.

  6. Meeeeee too. I've got a Buckthorn lotion from them which is just divine.

  7. ALTERNATE GIF! tumblr_inline_mfc4vzujrI1qejq55.gif

  8. I asked my boyfriend for a boyfriend pillow, but he was all "uhhhhh, you're trying to replace me" and tried to convince me that making one to his measurements would be better than a pre-fab one, and we both know I'm never going to get around to that. So I've been making do with Mr Broccoli, the IKEA broccoli. Broccolis are the black guys of the vegetable world, so I'm upgrading. TREATIN' MAHSEL'

  9. I am guilty of self-gifting but we all do it, right? I am dying over that GHD! I also recently bought that illuminator and I have been loving it too! Great gift guide!

  10. Ha, my boyfriend as to one to show me boyfriend pillows in the first place! He hates how I drape myself all over him when we sleep. Lame.
    I saw the IKEA broccoli, I want one so bad!


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