Palmolive Naturals Body Butter Body Wash in Luscious Mango and Strawberry Smoother - review

4:29 AM

Winter is coming...

Sorry, I lie. Winter is already here and I'm now very upset I can't menacingly whisper this whenever someone tries to make casual conversation with me about the weather.

No, you're weird.

Anyway with winter comes flaky, itchy and altogether unpleasant dry skin. I've had previous success in smacking the scales away by using Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from Lush, but was really excited to try Palmolive Natural's new Body Butter Body Washes as they claim to provide long-lasting moisture and hydration.

Luscious Mango is my pick from the two. It smells like a Boost Juice Mango Magic smoothie and being a total mango fiend, it's honestly a bit of a tease making me think of fresh fruit, sunny days and lying out on the beach with my life-sized Paul Rudd body pillow -  all the regular things that come with mango season

It's just like this, except I'm more flabby and he's more of a body pillow. And there's mangoes.

Squeezed out of the bottle, it's a very thick formula and from an unmarked bottle I would guess that it's a body cream rather than an in-shower wash. I use a shower pouf to work up a lather, as it's a bit too thick to spread across skin without one. I always use either Ro's Argan or a body lotion after showering, but my skin didn't feel as tight and uncomfortable as it normally does before I put on lotion and I believe that it does up my skin hydration, especially when compared to soap or a less creamy body wash.

Strawberry Smoother also smells divine - less like fresh fruit, more like a strawberry yogurt crossed with those sour Zappos lollies that leave little traces of rubber stuff in your mouth. I swear it's a more appealing scent than that visual I just gave you.

It has little scrubby bits of crushed strawberry seeds throughout, although not enough to classify it as a body scrub which keeps it gentle enough for every day use. Again it's a thick creamy formula that works best with a pouf or wash cloth, and left my skin happy and smooth.

The packaging for these is purely functional and continue the Palmolive Natural's branding, using visuals of the fruity ingredients and a curvy 400ml bottle. While I prefer a pump bottle, flip tops obviously do their job, and they are very sturdy standing upright in a shower caddy or bath-side.

I'm not loyal to any kind of body wash, but would definitely pick these up again as they do their job of cleansing while keeping me well oiled and smelling sweet and not at all like a burger.

God forbid!
Palmolive Naturals Body Butter Body Washes retail for A$6.49, and are currently available in Priceline, with plans to roll them out soon in supermarket shelves.

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me by Palmolive. They have in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that more people need to write about Paul Rudd body pillows so this doesn't continue happening. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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  2. Strawberry Smoother, nom, even moreso with that description;P But I do love Boost Mango Magic as well so... :D I might just grab both since they're so cheap!

    1. Super cheap, and you get tons in the bottle. I think I'll mix them together for a mango-strawberry smoothie!

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  5. Great review! The products sound delicious! haha I never knew that Palmolive had expanded their product line to include body washes!

    1. I hadn't tried a Palmolive body wash before and didn't know they made them either! There's also coconut and vanilla ones which sound so delicious.

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  8. Oh my god... The Game of Thrones reference :D

    You're officially now my new fave blogger - hilarious, honest (Revlon Lip Butter prices... ridiculous - thank you for being another to call them out on it) and I mean, the GoT reference. :)

    1. Haha, glad you got it. I suspect everyone else just thinks I'm a little weird. Cos, duh, winter is coming. Thanks for the forecast, Michaela.

      You're officially now my new fave reader ;)

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    1. Yep, they smell amazing.
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  10. Oooo I really want to try these products now! :D By the way I love that you love yourself a bit of Paul Rudd- me too. If you haven't seen it already, you must watch Wanderlust :) There is one particular scene with P.Rudd that sent me into hysterical laughter :) Cheers for the follow on my blog too! x.k

    1. Ha, more than a bit, positively obsessed! Wanderlust isn't in my local video store yet (did it even come out in Australian cinemas?) so sadly not yet, although I've watched the frick out of that sexy sexy scene clip online lol.


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