NOTD - Mode nail polish in Luv-a-Lot - review and swatch

3:59 PM

A super duper speedy nail of the day for y'all tonight*. Obviously I'm having a bit of a cheap thrill kick this week, after my last post on Ulta3 eyeshadow. Mode nail polishes clock in at teenie weenie A$2.45 each, as do the rest of the products made by the brand. This includes foundation, eyeliner and all kinds of el cheapo goodies. I'd never dream of trying a $2.45 foundation, but hey, after trying their polish and falling in love with its smooth application, opaque coverage and gorgeous colour, who knows? (Nope, sorry, I'm never going try a $2.45 foundation. You can't make me!).

Jesus, ignore my shabby nails. I play a lot of netball and am not afraid to cut a GK.
 Anyhoo, Luv-a-Lot is a very pretty creme lilac pastel, with a slight blue shimmer to it that is only picked up in sunlight.

I was my bad hasty self and jumped into bed like ten minutes after slicking on my top coat, so they look pretty matte in the pictures, however this is a glossy colour.

A nice colour for an even nicer price, I'm actually a little sad that I'll have to remove this colour tomorrow when I get a mani. But not too sad. Manis are fricking awesome!

And because I have this compulsion to bring everything back to pop culture, I wonder if this polish was named after Luv-a-Lot, the most annoying CareBear if we're not counting the CareBear Cousins. Seriously, why are there suddenly ponies and lions and puppies hanging around in the clouds with the CareBears? It makes zero sense! Why yes, I did watch a lot of television as a child. Why'd you ask?

The non-lilac Luv-a-Lot. Like it's so hard to spell 'Love' correctly?
Anyway the CareBear Stare was pretty cool, even when it was used to take down my very first crush and tv boyfriend, Darkheart. Yes, I know he was the bad guy. And a ranga. Shut up.

"How you doin'?"
Mode nail polishes are A$2.45 each, like I haven't mentioned that too much already. You're pretty much losing money if you don't buy one.

*Okay, this post was like three run-on sentences longer that I planned. Deal with it.

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23 brilliant comments

  1. Ooooh! @_@ looks periwinkle to me and I love it! How could I resist following you - you're so freaking entertaining. Wish I could put half as much wit into my posts! xo

    1. Ah periwinkle is a much better colour match! It's very periwinkle.
      Aw thanks, right back atcha!x

  2. I love cheapie nail polishes, except for those stinky things at Cotton On... if I'm having a bad day I often run off to the uni pharmacy to pick up a Mode! :) This colour is so pretty!

    1. Ew, I don't think I'll ever try the Cotton On ones.

      I can imagine these being a great little pick-me-up though, much better than my go-to of a block of chocolate.

  3. There are actually some really good el cheapo nail polishes around. At the moment I'm in love with Ulta3 for polish. Seriously?! $1 at Coles for a beautiful quality polish in a great range of colours? Can't be beat!

    You know, I find it pretty interesting to compare Aussie beauty blogs to blogs from other countries. It's like, because everything's so expensive here, we search high and low for great, affordable products.

    Oh and you should totally invest in some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. It's the most amazing, quick drying top coat - ever! I used to wake up with smudgey nails too and this top coat fixed that problem completely.

    1. Oh yes, Ulta3 is my cheap lover too. haven't tried their polishes yet, but I sure intend to.
      That's a good observation, I notice American bloggers, for one example, complaning about how expensive a NARS blush is, and we're like OMG $20-$30 prestige blushes WHERE?! I still haven't found a good cheap foundation in Australia though.

      Will look at Insta-Dry, I'm using another Sally Hansen topcoat atm but it's not cutting it for me.

    2. Viva La Ulta3! I actually haven't tried anything other than their polishes myself. I'll have to see to that.

      Haha! I have to nod my head at your Prestige comment. So true. I'm planning on buying a whole heap of MAC when I travel to the UK later this year. It's kind of funny because in the UK they're often complaining about the expensive cost of MAC and I'm watching, going "what?! That lippie is $8 cheaper than here in Aus!" Oh and think as far as foundations go, you kind of get what you pay for. I'm less likely to take a risk on a cheap foundation than I am a cheap eyeshadow for instance.


    3. I just bought an Ulta3 polish today too :)
      Yup, I'm a foundation snob, I can't imagine ever getting a decent one for under $30 (in Australia anyway...).

  4. I think this begs the question, what is the perfect cheapo foundation?? I must know this!! Michaela, help us!

    1. Okay, I'm the worst person for foundations reccomendations, as my skin doesn't need too much coverage *ticks the humble-brag box* and I'm quite happy with BB cream or tinted moisturiser.

      That said, Bourjois has a very nice range of foundations that are cheapish, especially is you get them during a Priceline sale. I like the Healthy Mix one as it lasts all day on me and doesn't look cakey.


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