Ralph Lauren Big Pony 3 - review

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Mimosa seems to be having a mini-moment (the flower, not the yummy cocktail). Known as wattle to us Aussies, it's a distinctive dry and powdery flower that has recently popped up in Versace's Yellow Diamond, Annick Goutal's limited edition Le Mimosa and before them, Yves Saint Laurent's Cinema (discontinued, and one I'm hoping to pick it up on the cheap).

The latest scent to get its wattle on is Big Pony 3, from Ralph Lauren's Big Pony collection for women. Out of the four scents in the collection, this will be the only one I intend to cover, despite sniffing all three. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between 1, 2 and 4, all being overly sweet and sickly berry-watermelon-fruit-punch-mixed floral based. Not for me at all and I think even 14 year old Michaela would have had preferred the eternal tween favourite Ralph to any of these. 14 year old Michaela was convinced she would marry Orlando Bloom and thought lipstick was for old people, so it's not like she even had very good taste, so make of that what you will.

What makes 3 different? While it's not innovative or particularly interesting, it makes use of a quintessentially Australian flower, and I like that. Sadly, it's given a heavy dose of the fruit du jour pear, which inches it closer to its bowl of punch brethren. There's a base of a light indistinct citrus and pale watery notes throughout, and another floral in the dry down, maybe freesia, although it isn't listed in the official notes (Ralph Lauren only gives them as mimosa and pear).

I really don't like fruity florals, especially sweet ones like this, but the top notes of mimosa really are quite nice. As Versace's Yellow Diamond mirrors the pear and mimosa notes, I'm hoping it will do mimosa justice, especially at its lower price point.

The Big Pony scents by Ralph Lauren each retail for A$90 for 50mL and A$120 for 100mL.

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6 brilliant comments

  1. Mimosa and wattle, well there you go I've now learnt something today!

    1. Learning about perfume is also the MOST important thing to learn about too ;)

  2. Haha, Ralph! I remember when that first came out, I think I was in Year 8 or something. It was obsession. My friend and I would pop into Myer just to spritz it on ourselves. I don't mind fruity florals, so I will have to test this one out. I have quite a few Ralph Lauren fragrances, most of them from when I was younger, so I generally like what they come up with though I haven't smelt a new perfume of theirs for a while.

    1. Ha! I used to do the walk into Myers just to spray perfume thing too. Hell, I still do. Don't judge me!
      If you like fruity floral, this is worth a shot, just not my bag.


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