Mukti Macadamia and Honey Lip Balm - review

6:51 AM

LIVE, from Michaela's bed, it's Lather Rinse Repeat!
Yup, I'm snuggled up in bed, pecking away at this post on the boyfriend's iPad. I could go downstairs and get my laptop, but that's like something Ironmen or elite athletes or people who aren't lazy would do. I've already used up my allotted 'walk up and down the stairs' for today when I grabbed a glass of water. Wouldn't want to strain something.

Anyhoo, as I lay in bed, looking at my overloaded bedside table, I realised I'd never covered a real workhorse product of mine, something I use every single day. Not once have I paid much thought to it, said thank you for making my lips all soft and smoochable or bought it flowers and told it that it looks pretty. I would make a terrible boyfriend!

I smooth this on early in the morning, before make-up but after cleansing and moisturising to prepare my pout for lipstick. It absorbs quickly with a slight sheen, and keeps my lips lush until around lunchtime. It's full of organic lovelies like honey to smooth and shea butter to moisturise and I dig that the very first two ingredients are macadamia oil and honey. No artificial fillers here. The scent is light and sweet, like honey-nut brittle. 

I love that they have a use by date on the bottom. So often I have half used balms lying around in handbags, in drawers, in my boyfriend's sunglasses case (sorry babe, I still don't know where those glasses went) and I pluck them up to use them again, forgetting that in fact they are very old and kinda gross and a little smelly by now. Knowing the use by date helps lower the risk of rubbing rancid mush on my lips.

A slow clap for Mukti Lip Balm for both being a hard working little bee and keeping my lips delightful, and residing right next to my bed so I don't even have to get up to blog. Yay Mukti!

Now, do you think there's any breakfast places that would deliver bedside? A girl can dream.

You can nab Mukti Macadamia and Honey Lip Balm for $14.95.

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12 brilliant comments

  1. This looks like a lovely product, have never heard of this brand before xx

    1. It really is nice, especially for people who like to use natural products.

  2. Replies

  3. This is so similar to my DAILY dilemma. Like Homer in bed, 'I'm a toasty, toasty cinnamon bun... oh now, I gotta pee. Think, Homer, think.'

    Everything comes back to The Simpsons. Always.

    1. I just reeeeeally want a cinnamon bun now. Why must you mock me so?

  4. I think I could be friends with this lovely too..and high five sister for being a blogger in bed! Where do you purchase this lip balm?
    While we are talking natural,I gotta get you to check out 'The All Naturnal Face' products ( found this gem on etsy a few years ago. In a nutshell, Crystal makes the most amazing mineral foundations, blushers, eye shadows, lippies but the most desirable product she makes is the Oil Make-up Remover. It is AMAZING!! And *blushes*...somehow I was chosen as the face for the website which reduced my children to pants-wetting fits of laughter!! Check it out Michaela, I think you would love it! :0)

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on TANF, Anna, you make a lovely model :) I like their sample sets. So nice to try different shades before you commit to a foundation.

      I think Mukti sells at health stores and some pharmacies and on their website.


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