Monday, April 30, 2012

Imperial Leather Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel in Tropical Sunset - review

First off, this looks likes a shaving gel. Second off, this lathers like a shaving gel. And third off, I will be using this as just a shaving gel, because it freaks me out using a shower gel to cleanse my armpits with.

I don't care if the label says it's a shower gel, my brain is convinced it's a shave gel and Lord knows I can't change my mind once I've decided on something. This, people, is why I wake up the Boyfriend up at 3am on a Wednesday so I can make cookie dough, eat half a tablespoon, then go back to bed. All because that's something that I've decided has to be done Right Now.

The scent is listed has coconut and tiare flower, but I can't make out the individual fragrance, rather it's a generic 'tropical flower' scent, that clings to my skin like sexiness clings to Paul Rudd. 

Yeah, like I'd ever pass up an opportunity for a Paul Rudd gif!

This exercise has taught me that I'm a old stickler for new-fangled ways of washing. I find soap to drying, but am so on the shower gels and cream. Sneaky shaving gel pretending to be a "foaming shower gel"? Get off my lawn! And I'm not even going to try with the Lush shower jelly I have sitting in my bathroom cupboard. I opened it, saw that it was a jelly and immediately knew that our love could never be.

Unlike Paul and my love, which will last forever in the boundless gif bank of my mind. Le sigh.

Imperial Leather Foamburst Foaming Shower Gel of Untruths is like a couple of bucks, I guess? I've seen it from around A$5 all the way down to A$2 which is about how much I paid for it. Pretty cheap for shaving gel no?

*Photo taken from brand product site as my can is all gunked up and a little rusty from sitting in the shower.


  1. I'm tempted to try this product, if only to satisfy the stupid 30 second ad I have to watch ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME before Sunrise and Yahoo!7 videos.

    Not liking how the can rusts, though! Why stick it in a can if it's going to sit in a wet environment 24/7? This sort of judgement confuses me. .__.

    1. Ha, I've never seen that ad. Don't give in to it! Because if you don't like the product, the ad will annoy you even more every time you see it.

  2. I have used up a bottle of this but the scent bored me, though it was nice. I like a good gimmick and the foam was pretty creamy. Love the Paul Rudd gif, sigh

    1. Yeah the scent didn't exactly thrill me either! Would you repurchase or go back to regular gels etc?

  3. Haha! I've certainly never seen so much dancing in a post about a shower gel! Your posts make me laugh.

    1. It's all part of my plan to sloooowly cut down on text so that one day this blog is entirely made up of Paul Rudd dancing.


  4. Shower jelly??? Um. I'm with you on that one. Bath bombs already confuse me. If I can't rub you on an exfoliating cloth then rub that on me, you don't make sense.

    I think if I woke my bf for cookie dough at 3 am, there'd be domestic violence one way or another haha... I'm stronger though, I think!

    1. I actually tried the jelly once - it's so tricky to pull a piece off, then it slips off the loofah and down the drain. I admit defeat!

      The boyfriend knows when I need my cookie dough, I'll get my cookie dough. He normally manages to sleep through the doughing though.

  5. I'm so happy I found your blog, you're hilarious :) I love your love to Paul Rudd! I adore these shower gels too, and like you I use them as shaving gels and only buy them when on special ($1.99 at Woolworths - oh yeah!) :D I have tried the other Jasmine scented one - and I love it. x.k

    1. Aw thanks! As long as you just love my love for Paul Rudd and not love Paul Rudd himself. I'm very protective of my tv boyfriends ;)

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