Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks and Real Rosehip Lipbar - review and swatches

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Ere Perez lipstick packaging

I love a good beauty product with a plus. Pluses claim to add moisture, or even skin tone or provide leprechaun protection you can trust. The two Ere Perez lip products I'm covering here each have their own plus. One contains 'Rich Olive Oil', the other 'Real Rosehip', and both claim moisturising and smoothing properties. 

Ere Perez lipstick lid
Ere Perez lipsticks
From left, Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks in Dance and Surprise, Real Rosehip Lipbar in Life

Ere Perez lipstick swatches
From top: Life, Surprise, Dance.

Available from April (so today!), the Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks are moderately pigmented lipstick, which I did find moisturising and creamy. They have a shine finish and, yes, feel a little oily on my lips which I didn't mind. My favourite of the eight available is Surprise, a bright hot pink. Ere Perez says it's a matte shade, but I really didn't think so - it's got a shiny finish on both my arm swatch and lips. The other shade I tried was Dance, a red-bronze and not a colour suitable for me at all, way too brown. It's a very 'mum' shade and I'll be passing it on to my own mum to try.
Ere Perez lipstick swatches Surprise
Surprise on me, def a new favourite addition to my lip-robe.
The Real Rosehip Lipbar isn't a lipstick, but rather a tinted balm. Life is coded on the box as a baby pink, but in reality, is a sheer watermelon. It did the job as a moisturising balm, but for me, I prefer a waxy balm with lipstick or gloss layered over the top than a tinted balm. It's nice for a low-maintenance kinda gal who goes for a moisture hit and touch of colour in one swipe. Word of warning, it is quite a soft stick, and mine came away from the base of the tube, after I pressed it into my arm to swatch. It's appropriate for vegans and has SPF15+, and like all Ere Perez products, is animal cruelty free, something that is becoming increasingly important to me.

Slightly off topic, it's rare that you get to meet the people behind the brand. Often they're very behind the scenes and invisible to consumers, or on the other hand, way too involved in being 'the face' of their brand and IMHO bordering on obnoxious. Right, Mr Perdis?

Then you get someone like Mexican, but now Australia based Ere Perez, who isn't the face of her namesake range, but is clearly involved in everything from the ingredients and formula to the naming of shades. I like this. I mention this, because it's one of the few times I've met someone who is so very passionate about their product. When I went to the launch for her new lippies, I was blown away by how incredibly into it she was. Bubbly, all about the enthusiastic hand waving and full of personal anecdotes for testing her natural products on her own babies (edible and toxin-free makes for a fun toy!). Based solely on her vivacious personality, I want to buy all her things, with the Clever Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm next on my list for natural goodies. Plus Ere is just plain adorable. Like baby sloth meet Paul Rudd meet basket of day-old kittens cute. 
Baby Sloth
Okay, that's pretty cute. Make my lipstick, and then we'll talk.
Real Rosehip Lipbars have a RRP of A$21.95 and comes in four shades. The Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks have a RRP of A$29.90, with eight colours in the collection. Ere Perez (the cosmetics, not the person) are stocked at organic and health store, independent pharmacies and

These products was gifted to me by Ere Perez at a product launch. Ere Perez has in no way influenced my review and opinions are my own. It is also my opinion that baby sloths should be mandatory gifts for people with a chronic case of the grumps. Just try and not let your heart melt cuddling one of these little guys. See my Disclaimer for more sexy details.

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  1. That liptick looks a little bit (okay a lot) gorgeous!

    1. Oh it is! I think I'll take it out on a date sometime this week.

  2. Ooh, burn Mr. Perdis. Also, I love lipstick, sloths, mentions of Paul Rudd and you. x

    1. I also love all of those things! And one day they will all be together at last.

  3. I only came across Ere Perez recently, in some sort of hipster eco-supermarket. These look cute, as do you and the happy, sleepy sloth.

    1. I'm so glad I got to try them, as I'd seen them in hippy store too but kinda ignored them. Much better quality than I expected.

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    1. Me too. It's a 'daytime' pink too, nice and bright.


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