shu uemura Nail Colour in Ray Green - review and swatch

5:58 AM

Another product from shu uemura's Celestial Garden collection (Creamy Dome Blusher reviewed by moi here) is their Nail Colour in Ray Green. While I'm familiar with shu's shadows, blushes and cleansing oils, I hadn't tried a polish yet, and thought this minty-lime green would make a great great to a collection heaving with red, black and glitter shades. Time to show green some love, right?

Except, maybe not this particular green. The shot above is three coats, plus base and top coat. To be fair, it appears more opaque in person, but still had bald patches and an uneven finish. Way too much effort for an average payoff. The kiss of death? The next morning, while elbowing someone in the face for a bus seat (mean streets of Neutral Bay, you guys), I noticed pulling at the base, some massive chips and bubbling. Couldn't wait to get to my desk to take it off.
Not Coolio

Way Coolio

So far I'm very unimpressed with shu uemura's polishes which is a downright 90's style righteous bummer because I've so far been infatuated with every other product I've tried so far. Double shame because in the bottle, it's quite an appealing colour, with the creamy green flecked with fine silver shimmer.
Also, weird thing - I swear I'm not imagining this product, but it's not appearing on the shu uemura homepage. Maybe it's been pulled because the formula isn't up to scratch? The line is stocked at David Jones normally.
Anyone else had much joy with shu uemura's Nail Colour?

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  1. Thanks for your review! Was just trying to find where to buy this stuff in Brisbane after seeing it mentioned in Harpers. Might not bother now! That green is a ghastly shade (or maybe its just my monitor). I still like the idea of the "celestial garden" shades, might try to find something similar in another brand. Loving the whole LV/Chanel, carousel/under the sea thing sick at the moment.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! I love the sea green too, but it seems hard for brands to get right! BTW haven't reviewed it myself yet, but a girl in my office has Dior's Vernis in Waterlily on and it's a much better shade from the same colour family IMO


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