NOTD - Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Checker Out

7:47 AM

Isn't this the sweetest nail strip print yet? Love that it's an almost lime green gingham, rather than the obvious pink or blue. 

The always lovely Alison from Sally Hansen popped these on for me during my lunch break at my office (love that ACP sometimes has these little perks) and I was happy to see she applies them pretty much the same way I do at home (but with less swearing).

I was treated to these for zero dollars, but you can buy them for A$14.95. They're part of the limited edition Easter collection, but I've seen the gingham print in black and white as part of their regular line if you're more of a monochrome kinda gal.

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7 brilliant comments

  1. This is so pretty and spring-like! (It's spring here in Canada.) I'm not into nail stickers but this one is kind of tempting.

    1. It's very sweet, and a lot more topical for your spring than my chilly autumn!


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