NOTD - ORLY Green with Envy

9:33 AM

With flash

Doesn't this look like the colour The Little Mermaid would wear? At the very least, this lovely creamy jelly is the shade Michaela The Drowning Giant would wear. It's very aquatic feeling, but not in a cold, distant way, more like sunlight through deep seawater.

It's my first foray into ORLY polishes and although this one worried me with its initial runniness, it came through for me after three coats with a nice and smooth opaque finish.

Natural light

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13 brilliant comments

  1. Ooohh, I like that. I saw the Orly NP at Priceline today, they were like $3.99. I might have to invest (although I have enough NP to last several women well into old age!).

    1. There's where I got this one! And a pearl pink too, such a steal.

  2. Ohhh that's so pretty :) I wasn't as lucky with my priceline finds.

    1. Did your local just have the dud colours? Shame!

  3. Lovely shade! It looks great on you. I could never pull off greens.
    I love Orly polishes. They go on so smoothly and the colour is great. I also picked up at the priceline sale. Win :)

    1. Thanks! Really, I thought a creamy green like this would do well against your tone! How good are random PL sales? I only got 2 shades though, the rest were a little dubious.

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