Lancome La Roseraie Illuminating Smooth Powder review and swatches

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Glossy black compact = dorky reflection
Lancome have really stepped up their game recently with their palette design and presentation. I'd never been that excited to try a powder from them, until I saw this baby. Glossy black case, shimmery shades and a pretty floral imprint? Check, check and check, Lancome has just hit all three points on my lust at first sight list.
Part of Lancome's (seriously, I refuse to do the acute when typing in Blogger, and you can't make me do it) release for Spring 2012, Lancome des Delices, La Roseraie is marketed as an illuminating powder. Playing around with just the pink portion, it would easily do as a blush for the more pale (cough) amongst us. Swirled together creates a pink-hued highlighter which I would stick to using on cheekbones etc, as it could get a little too shimmery as a cheek colour.

Annoyingly, the glue under the powder had loosened, so much that it's rattled around the compact and left marks from where it has smacked into the mirror. Nothing a little Tarzan Grip won't fix, but still very uncool.
Totes looks like aphids got in my make-up bag, I know.
Both shades swirled
The final effect reminds me of a powder version of Benefit's High Beam, great for picking up areas you want to focus on and highlight. This is a product for cool toned gals though, with the pink a tad too unnatural on yellow tones and the deeply tanned.

Retailing for A$82, it's available along with the rest of the des Delices at all the usual Lancome stockists.

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