shu uemura Eye and Cheek Palette in Drowning in Flame - review and swatches

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I picked up this shu uemura Holiday 2011 Eye and Cheek Palette in Drowning in Flame (wow, melodramatic much?) last year, obviously, but only just got around to trying out the shades. I'm not normally big on eyeshadow, being heavy handed/fingered with shadow application and a tendancy to forget I'm wearing it until two seconds after I've mashed my ape knuckles into my eyesockets and smeared it across my forehead. Also, you know how somethimes eyeshadow just look wrong on some people? I was kinda like that.
Allison, I love you, but no. Here's a Wotnot wipe.
But then with some time to kill in the gym changeroom (waiting for my lotion to dry before squeezing in to jeans is booooooring), I tried another shu uemura palette that I was using for its blush and I loved it. Enough to give this limited edition a shot, along with the Rouge Unlimited lipstick in Glitter Fuse (review here).

Firstly, like the other goodies in the Wong Kar Wai collab, the packaging is gorgeous. The cover image changes from a lady nodding her head and moving her crazy embellished talons nails across her face. Impossible to take a decent picture of the pretty changing-ness of it all, you'll just have to trust me.

As for colour selection, we have a dusky purple-grey, baby pink, a brighter fairy-floss pink, shimmery gold, tea-rose cream and a cream with a hint of white-gold.

Aside from the rose cream (which is a blush) in the bottom left, these are medium pigmented pressed powders with a silky smooth finish.
Swatched in daylight, it's hard to make out the cream (it's on the far right, I swear) and I think this would be a great base/blending shade. The dusky eggplant has been great for a few date nights, allowing me to create a smoky eye that doesn't totally wash out my pale skin. The pinks are fairly meh, I haven't worked up to using shades that remind me of an eye infection yet. 
My stand out favourite is the gold. Tricky to tell, but in person it gives a polished gleam without being too full on Miss Piggy glitter. I've been smoothing it over less inspiring colours to give them a bit of 'ompf!'. I'll be working this shade and the others into my 'face of the day' pics I've been forcing on my poor Instagram followers (if you would like to subject yourself to such a thing, I'm michaelalrr).

The palette also came in a Burning in Water colour selection and they retail(ed) for A$115 at David Jones. Like I said, I'm super late with this review, so may be hard to find. I'm so helpful, I know.
In more helpful news, I have some prodcuts from their 2012 Spring/Summer line that I'm loving, will swatch and post this weekend.

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  1. I adore wkw, so was excited to see these released. The colours seem pretty, I might have a look to see if DJ's still have them out

    1. Worth a shot! Sometimes they have old lines in their counter that you can get samples of too.

  2. 'Burning in Water', 'Drowning in Flame', Shu Uemura found Holiday inspiration from Charles Bukowski it seems :)

    1. They certainly were! I mentioned it when I covered the lipstick from the same line, as it sounded so familiar. SU credit him on their website, but I think it would have added more appeal if they mentioned it in advertising and packaging too.

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    1. Hi Sabrina!
      Love your street style, so followed you back. Hope you are keeping warm in Rome!

  4. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!
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    1. Thanks! Like your blog too, despite not being able to understand the non-English bits ;)


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