USE ALL THE PERFUME! Confessions of a perfume tragic

2:57 PM

Or how about parfum tragique? It sounds a little more fancy, mais non? Anyway, I had this conversation today with a coworker after a top up bottle of Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor I'd ordered late last year finally arrived on my desk.

CO-WORKER: So how many bottles of perfume do you have anyway? Like ten or fifteen?

MICHAELA: Fifteen?! Oh...yeah, like about that number, maybe more mumblemumblemumblehundredish.

CO: That soun-wait,did you say ONE HUNDRED BOTTLES OF PERFUME?! THAT YOU OWN!!!!! 

M: It's a totally normal amount, I bet you have at least half that amount.

CO: I have four....are you...can you stop caressing the bottle? It's making me uncomfortable.


Sigh, sometimes  I admit to myself that i have maybe a few too many bottles. I pulled out some of my bottles which normally live under my bed  and spotted a few I had totally forgot about, and who do not deserve that kind of treatment. Even the five Harajuku scents I keep on my work desk (okay, and the five-eight bottles inside my desk drawer) get their spray on regularly. I'm not even going to touch on the shoebox of samples and testers and vials and solid scents. 

Some people have children. I have perfumes. And I won't neglect my babies any longer! 
Maybe I could even dismiss the scrubbers from my collection because I gotta make room for the 2012 releases if you don't enjoy something,why keep it around? Furthermore, I won't buy any more perfumes except ones on sale, and online and ones I really love or that have a pretty bottle without trying a sample or dram first to decide if I really need it or already have something similar. And no more flankers. No, I'm not falling for your flirty charms this time, pretty Stella McCartney Limited Edition bottles!

But how can you say no to these little faces. And I always wanted a big family...
Wish me luck!

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  1. WOAH! What an amazing collection!

    1. Glad you like it! Now, if only I had the will power to stop adding to it...


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