Sohum Perfume Rollette in Grandiflora review

11:46 AM

From previous posts, you might have realised that I lurve gardenia scents. If you haven't realised, go and read my gardenia based posts, because gardenia is da bomb. I'll wait.

 Anyway, I saw that through some sort of post-Christmas sales black witchcraft, Myers was selling Sohum purse sprays for around A$14, I nommed one in Grandiflora like a Surry Hills Instagramer on vintage brickwork (seriously guys, stop taking photos of wall. They.Are.Boring!). My excitement is entirely based on the notes, listed as white gardenia,  hyacinthe (sic), monai and jasmine sambac. At first it is allllllll gardenia, baby. Not a creamy, sometimes aging big white floral, but a sweet, mass-appealing bloom. Jasmine kicks in and it dies very quickly to a gentle blend of white florals. There is fragapani there, but not the manoi I know, which is fragapani petals soaked in a coconut oil. It's more intense and with a milky creaminess not felt in the note presented in this blend. Likewise I think I can pick out a lily of the valley note in the dry-down, but not the similar but more earthier hyacinth (no idea why Sohum spells it with an 'e'). Sillage is medium, but lasting power is only a few hours.
Aw, it contains a double dose of love

Overall I like it for a light summer scent, for those days you can't do another citrus, and the fruities just aren't doing it for you but don't want to be suffocated by a rose or  another thick floral. I think it's going in my desk drawer, to pep up around midday whatever white floral I've used that morning. It's a nice and inoffensive floral, and one of the few gardenias the Boyfriend actually likes. 

To add - the spray isn't very good. It spits out too much and needs a fine spray that doesn't dampen my wrist. The plastic lid is also loose and doesn't click into place. I wouldn't trust it to roam free in my handbag. Oh, and they call them 'rollettes'! THAT, sirs, is a lie! No rolling whatsoever, just too-big droplets spritzing out all willy-nilly. I just want truth in packaging, you guys.

This is a better look at the bonbon packaging, as mine got absolutely mauled by the rainstorm I was caught in between shopping centre to car. It conceals the non-rolliness in its wrapper of lies and untruths.

I bought this for A$14 (ish). RRP is A$24.95. Sohum has so pretty nice sounding scents. I might try their Apple, Fig and Vanilla, Apricot and Cocoa or Fleur Anise next (don't the names make you hungry?) but in a candle or body creme form.

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  1. Sounds like a nice gardenia scent. I have been wanting to try Amber Noir for a long time. I don't want to hoard another perfume to my amber collection. I may buy it when impulse hits =D
    Also there is solid perfume called Muskette which I loved at first but when I went back for it, it smelt pretty average.

    1. It is quite nicer, better than I expected. I looked at the solids too, including Muskette and a Caramello (sp?) one, but the sample tins smelt rank. Pass.

  2. nice idea. thanks for sharing...


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