Loverdose by Diesel review

10:13 AM

Look at that pink pretty box. So bright and bold and a little flirty. Seriously my fully sick photography skills can't do this gorgeous box justice. I just love the shade. Wanna take a look inside my box? Sure you do!
*DO NOT replace the word 'box' with any lingo for lady parts like I just did in my mind. It will take you to place you cannot return from. Pink box. See?

ZOMG pretty!
Okay, dude, game over. I don't even have to smell this thing. I have been carried away by the bottle lust fairies once again. Actually, if it smells shocking, then I don't have to worry about storing it correctly, and can display it proudly on my desk. Win/win, right?

Well, I would if it didn't smell amazeballs too! WTF is in the Friday night work drinks at Diesel? Normally I steer clear from their fruit punch messes (admittedly the men's Fuel for Life was ok, but barely), but this? Yes, it's fruity (but listed as a spicy floral, which I can't 100% get behind), but those MENSA-minded folk have added a strong liquorice note and in doing so, have won my heart (and lady-box). Aside from the liquorice, there's top notes of a zesty mandarin and although it's not listed, something jammy like blackberry. This slides smoothly into a liquorice heaven, with notes of warm vanilla, amber and a wood note that is more sandalwood than oak backing it up. Jasmine and gardenia are also listed in the notes and although I can't make them out separately, there is a defined white floral note throughout the scent's lifespan. 

I'd reccomend trying this even if you don't normally like fruity sweet scent (me) or liquorice (it's more a spicy soft warmth than an aniseed). Then again, The Boyfriend is a fiend for the black stuff and he basically tried to gnaw my arm off, so there's that too.

But mostly, THE BOTTLE! It is sooooo pretty. There's pinks and bits of purple, and the black 'arrow' bit is cool too, and gah I just love it. I, for one, welcome my new Diesel overlord. All I have to work out now is how to say it. LOVE-er-dose? LOW-ver-dose? I just know I'll pick the wrong one.
All bow to Loverdose and its pretty pinkness
Loverdose by Diesel just popped into stores late last week and I'll update prices as soon as I can pop into Myers to check them out. I just liked this so much, I HAD to get it out.

ETA that EDP 30ml is $70, EDP 50ml is $90 and EDP 75ml is $110.

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  1. Ohh that sounds lovely, and the bottom is really nice. Zesty mandarin along with some jammy notes? Nom!

    1. It is seriously good. I predict the next big hit!


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