Lavender Palm by Tom Ford - fragrance review

10:22 AM

We're all friends here right? I like you (thanks for reading my blog!), you like me (because you're reading my blog, right? RIGHT!) and I feel that I can be really honest with you. Y'know just really open up and share my feelings. Mostly my feelings on Tom Ford. I mean,I love the guy! I love his suits on my tv boyfriends (Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, for those keeping tally. Ryan Gosling has dropped out of my favour. Sorry Ry-bunny). I love Tom's sexy make-up ranges and even his sexy sexy mcsexing it up sexy ads. I love most of his perfumes. Hell, I cried when my bottle of Santal Blush broke. However I do not like his ode to Los Angeles and Rodeo Drive, Lavender Palm. Not. At. All.

We get it, Tom. Sex.
Let's start with Mr Ford's association with Lavender and LA. Seriously dude? I'd understand if this is a reinvention of the most beloved granny floral, but it's not. It's laundry detergent and undies drawer lines. Nothing that reminds me of LA. It's nice that he didn't take the cliche route of sun tan oil and moneyed up second wives, but c'mon!

I was going to go more into the notes, but a lavender laundry powder pretty much sums it up. Add a bit of powdery musk and some lemon air freshener. No idea where the palm part is, as the vetiver listed in the notes never showed up for me in the less than two hours it lasted on my skin.
I tried it from one of the usual brown TF bottles, however press materials when it was first launched late year as a LA exclusive show a white-silver bottle.

I haven't seen it on counter at David Jones yet, but assume they will follow the usual Private Blend exxy pricing template in a 50ml ($250) and 250ml ($950). If Mr Ford doesn't bring with his next release, I will continue to not afford his scents stop buying!

Need a palate cleanser after that rant? Me too. Take it away boys...

And to tie it together, an extra sexy parody of Tom's Vanity Fair cover. Yay, relatedness!

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10 brilliant comments

  1. Excuse me, but Paul Rudd is MY TV boyfriend! Well, him and Adam Scott. You can have Jason Segel - I do like him but I'm a bit weary of him because of HIMYM.

    That issue of Vanity Fair is the only one I've ever kept after readiing.

  2. LOL love that pic!
    I have never tried Lavender Palm, never even seen it except on StrawberryNet. I am not into lavenders, one of my no-no notes. Doesn't look like I'm missing anything. You broke a bottle of Santal Blush? I would have cried too, for months :(

  3. You are hilarious. I like the smell of lavender...I don't know about on my skin though? Also, I don't think Jeremy Piven could look any more unsexy than in that pic above...ugh!

  4. You're freaking me out Dee, because Adam Scott happens to be one of my back-up tv boyfriends. I need to have (imaginary) words with my tv boyfriends about this.

    Wasn't it a great issue of VF! I've got it stashed in my book shelf.

  5. Su, I was so sad about the bottle breaking :( managed to resuce a little into a spare bottle, but it's not the same. TF's gorgeous bottles are half of their appeal too.

    I'm not a lavender person either, but this was just so boring. If you've tried Chanel's Jersey, they're very similar, but I think the Chanel is much better done and refined.

  6. Dee and Michaela - neither of you can have Paul Rudd, i got him first *runs away, kidnapping Paul Rudd*

    1. I rolled over in bed and asked Paul Rudd about it, and he says he's never heard of you Tegan ;)

      *goes back to spooning Paul Rudd in my mind*

  7. Hahaha the last pic is brilliant! I love Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, they are so cute! :-)

    1. It's creepy how much I like that nude-suit photo. Verrrrry creepy.


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