Gorilla Perfume by Lush Imogen Rose Solid Perfume - review

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Two of my favourite things are travelling and perfume. Sadly the two don't seem to mix, as the many shattered,chipped and split bottles I've sent straight to scent heaven (or in the Paris Hilton I was rocking aged sixteen's case,down to the third ring of hell. Yeech!) can attest to. I know there's travel bottles, but I have a few and they always seem to wiggle out of their case and into my toiletries case or handbag (a TF Black Orchid scented iPhone is not a good thing).

Please note lack of spillage.
SO FAR....
Due to my frequent accidents, I've turned to solid fragrance, in particular Gorilla Perfume's range from Lush. I've spent the last two weeks travelling from Adelaide to Sydney, and have pulled out their Imogen Rose scent over and over to slick on in the morning and for touch ups during the day.

It's a lovely casual scent that reminds me of those old English roses, on the very cusp of wilting and warmed by a late afternoon sun. Joining the garden party is a side of Turkish Delight, with a bite of musk sticks tied together with a strand of ivy, spiked with patchouli. Sweet, powdery and a pink warmth, with a hint of fuzzy green. It wears close to the skin, but lasts at least five hours on my wrist.

The plastic packaging is ultra functional, with a screw top and push up solid stick that you can apply directly to wrists. None of that messy applying with fingers business you sometimes get with solid scents. It's also vegan like a lot of Lush goodies tend to be.

I'm looking forward to trying more from Gorilla Perfume, especially Tuca Tuca which is violet based (well, hello there pretty lady!)

Imogen Rose is $16.95, but other solids (12g) start from the wee price of $7.95. Maybe a solid for every one of my purses is in order then?

Important to note! It does have a slight tint to it. I found this out when I applied liberally behind my ears and went to the supermarket. Cue the lady behind me in line freaking out over the "nasty rash" on my neck. Oops!
Is that Imogen Rose on your arm, or are you just really itchy?

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