Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach No. 29 swatch and review

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Burberry launched their cosmetics line in Australia last year, and so far I've only heard good things in the way of quality, colour choices and pricing (for a high-end range). I picked up a Lip Cover  in Golden Peach (shade No. 29) to test them out myself.

Matching nails are a total coincidence
The packaging is fantastic, it feels 'expensive' with a little weight behind it. I also love the argyle print embossed on the side of the stick. 

My photos are pretty dodgy as I'd used and abused it before thinking to take pics (can you tell I'm new at this?), so I'm including this image from Nordstom's website, as it looks pretty true to life. 

I really like the pretty soft coral colour. Being super pale, bright shades can wash me out, but this one has been toned down enough to suit me, yet still keep on trend. The formulation is amazing, it's creamy yet kinda glossy, with medium to full coverage.

Swatched in sunlight
The slight shimmer works with the shade and isn't an OTT glitterball. I didn't get dry lipsticks after wearing for a day, and it wore off evenly. Even though I hate saying this word, and typing it makes me cringe, it left my pout feeling moist (shudder). Favourite bit? It felt like a sheer coverage a la Chanel Coco Rouge, but produced more of a lipstick colour and longevity.

Taken inside. Please note...moistness
This lippie is now on heavy rotation in my work wardrobe. I've been doing a 'face of the day' every day in Instamgram (follow me! michaelalrr) and find myself typing out it's name regularly.  I'm now eyeing up the Ruby shade, a gorgeous deep red that I think would wear really well in the same creamy  formula.

Also, what do you think of the name 'Lip Cover'? It kind of bugs me, like thinks it's too good to be just plain lipstick? Like, whatever Burberry! I'm not sure why I'm taking it so personally, but I do wear a lot of lipstick.

Burberry Lip Covers come in 30 shades and are available exclusively at David Jones in Australia for $49. However Nordstrom has them for AU$30.74 (as of today) and ship here. Your choice.

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9 brilliant comments

  1. UM INCREDIBLE! I love the packaging of Bur's lipsticks! Proper gorge.

    1. I'm truly in love with the tube, it feel so luxe. Plus it's magnetic! The little click sound is really satisfying ;)

  2. Ohhh - I am trying to start wearing more fun colour lipstick (as I normally just wear gloss) so thanks for the suggestion

    1. I only made the step from gloss to lippy myself last year and it's so worth it.

  3. I love Burberry... so far I acquired only two items a shadow called Almond and an eye pencil in Midnight Blue I believe... gorgeous... Haven't tried their lipsticks yet, but I want to, really want to :)

    1. I think the lipstick are just gorgeous, you should go check out the other colours in the range too. Haven't tried the eye products yet though. Does the shadow have lasting power?


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