Australia Day green n' gold eyes

7:49 AM

G'day to every Bazza, Dazza and Sheila out there who is enjoying a patriotic sickie today. I worked today, but still feeling relaxed, especially with the real weekend popping up in about three hours.

Even though I had a lazy Australia Day at home (movie, cider and a can of condensed milk), I still made up a green and gold themed lid for my own amusement and the deep seated horror of the 9pm Woolworth's patrons (did I mention I only did one eye?).

It was a great excuse to use some shades from an ancient Chi Chi gift with purchase palette and a pretty pale green shimmer single from Estee Lauder.

The Chi Chi shadows are a cheap and cheerful, quite pigmented, but with zero staying power. You can see it's already started to crease in the photos.

I smoothed the EL all over my lid, up to the brow, then used the green in the right side palette over the lid. I then wet a brush and lined my top lash line with the dark forest green in the left hand side palette, flicking out slightly on the outer corner. I lined my undereye and inner cormer with the gold in the same palette, and also traced over my brow in gold because why the frick not?

I finished off with two coats of Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara. My lashes are stumpy little insect legs because sadly I couldn't curl my lashes prior as my curlers have gone walkies and I still haven't found them.

Bonus update - the ricotta hotcakes with green n' gold sauce (kiwi, ginger, mint and passionfruit) I made for brekky!

Hope you had a most excellent day Oz Day!

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  1. pretty... love the green look, especially since it's so gray and cold outside today in Toronto :)

    1. Ooh, I lived in Calgary a few years ago, so I know how chilly it gets up north. If it makes you feel better, Sydney is muggy and raining, terrible summer weather!


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